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ZeTrashEater's AvatarZeTrashEater
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Hello! I don't know if this question has already been answered but are you alowed to have more than 1 art shop (like 1 shop for commissions and 1 for adopts?) Thank you!
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can a trade you posted in Misc. Pokémon be added to or based around a trade shop?
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QUOTE originally posted by ZeTrashEater

Hello! I don't know if this question has already been answered but are you alowed to have more than 1 art shop (like 1 shop for commissions and 1 for adopts?) Thank you!
You are allowed to have one shop in each shop forum. So for example, you can have one shop in the "Pokemon Art Shops" forum and also have one shop in the "Other Art Shops" forum. However, you could not have two shops in the "Pokemon Art Shops" forum.

QUOTE originally posted by Emperor Umbreon

can a trade you posted in Misc. Pokémon be added to or based around a trade shop?
Trades involving PokéFarm items/currency/etc should only be posted in the Trades/Trade Shops forums, not in Misc. Pokemon. What kind of trades are you referring to?
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i was refering to this and i was talking about moving it into a shop along with adding more normal pfq things
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
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That site's Terms of Use forbids it for being used for commercial purposes without their approval, so you may not use it as a part of a trade. As it is not a trade, nor does it involve trading PokéFarm items/pokemon/etc, it should not go into the Trades/Trade Shops forum.
ZeTrashEater's AvatarZeTrashEater
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Thank you so much! <3
PTAlex's AvatarPTAlex
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I was wondering whether or not it would be okay to link a change.org petition I created regarding my special interest in my trainer card/about me. The petition itself is non-political and contains no foul language, and is simply an attempt to reach out to the developers of a game I hold very dear. I’m pretty sure making an entire forum post about it in the “Miscellaneous” forums would break the rules about advertising, but I’m not sure what the stance is regarding that for profiles.
Petition in my bio to get a 6-element monster in My Singing Monsters! Any signatures are greatly appreciated, this game has been my special interest for half of my life, and I feel a need to rise up against what I and many others feel is a massive injustice on the part of Big Blue Bubble.
Åzlottie's AvatarÅzlottie
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Hi! I was hoping to get a clarification about spoilers in regards to being used in art. As I understand it, Spoilers for any new pokemon aren't allowed until the pokemon is released on PFQ. But I was wondering if it applies to the art threads? Are players allowed to ask for commissions from artists using spoiler pokemon as a reference or would it be considered as a spoiler? I know that the spoiler rule falls under site rules, But just wasn't sure about artists. Any clarification will be super helpful! Thank you for reading this!
Adding another question. In regards to art permission. I have a 13yo (my child) who loves drawing. I'd love to help them gain a fan base and earn money from their works. I was wondering if it would be okay to open an art shop on my account (as they don't have an account) to sell their art for them. I have full permission from them to do so, but wanted to check in with you guys about it. I was hoping to help them with some pocket change, but being able to oversee the transactions. Like a manager. Let me know if that is something I can do on their part without it breaking any site rules. Part Two-ish: Since they don't have an account, what is the best way to get and prove permission use. i.e. if I display their art that isn't being sold in a shop (if it's allowed ofc) like in my journal? I currently have one piece there, but wanted to make sure that I could show proof of permission, and how to that since they are my kid?
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Fated's AvatarFated
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I haven’t really actively played since 2020 but I’m getting back into the game. How many posts in a row are you allowed when setting up your trade shop? I’d like to have my initial post with my rules and what not, a post for my items and a post for my hunts as well as a spare post if I add another section to my shop. Would that violate double posting rules? I looked in the trade rules and couldn’t find an answer.
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