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Accepted [MHA (AU OC) x Pokemon]

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Author's Note: If this is in the wrong forum, feel free to move this! Also, this involves Zarude, and may include Dada Zarude as part of this story. Also this story features my AU OC named Tailien, and of course I have made comparisons between him and Zarude. Also for convenience sake, he will be referred to as "Tailien" and "Izuku" (by the Zarude) in this story, and the Zarude can talk. Enjoy! Chapter 1: Colony Tailien had yet went under another "feral moment", causing him to behave like an animal in some form. His tail promptly wagged as he could smell fruits among trees, and crisp, flavorful spring water as he adventures through the world of Pokemon. Wild Pokemon greeted him and he chirped back fervently. The ears on top of his head pinned back as he heard a noise coming from the entrance to the Forest of Okoya. His entire body shook as the noises got closer, taking a defensive position and claws at the ready. Red eyes with green irises peeked from the shrubs in front of Tailien, a growl had followed. Tailien let out a frightened peeping noise as he tried to hide to avoid confrontation. As Tailien hid, the red eyes had gone away without a second thought. The coast was clear, and he bounded out of the bush on all fours. He decided to do more exploring of his own, finding new and exciting things. That is, until he bumps into a Pokemon. He teetered backwards, falling on the grass with a yelp. The Pokemon with those same red eyes had looked down at the alien with a confused look on its face. "Aaahhh!!" screamed Tailien, covering his face as the Pokemon began to get closer. It was a Zarude, which seemed to have left its colony to get food and to claim some spring water. Instead it found a young boy with alien-like extremities. "G-Get away!" Tailien hisses, his fox-like bunny ears pinning back as he got into a defensive stance. The Zarude in question just stood there, staring at Tailien. "What are you doing here, kid?" Zarude growled, their voice being quite gruff. "I-I'm just exploring, sir!" Tailien took to the Zarude's voice quickly, knowing they meant authority. Tailien froze up as Zarude sniffed him, as if to get his scent. "...!" a noise emerged from the Pokemon, one of discovery and familiarity. With a quick yank of Tailien's leg, Zarude ran off to the colony. "H-Hey! Where are you taking me?!" Tailien yelps, scraping against the grass as he's being dragged. Zarude noticed how they were dragging Tailien, and instead decided to carry him. "To the colony. You're finally home." "Do these monkey creatures have families...?" Tailien wondered, a look of concern on his face. As Zarude got to the colony, they met up with their group. "Hey, what's with the kid?" asked the much older Zarude. They seemed to be the leader, as Tailien didn't speak unless he was spoken to. "This is...possibly one of our own." the gruff voiced Zarude croaked. "One of your own...?" asked Tailien, his tail wagging gently. "Are you blind, you clowns?! This child looks nothing like us!" a voice boomed, quite loud yet subtly angry. "Dada! It's Dada, our alpha!" exclaimed various Zarude. "Dada?" asked Tailien, quite confused. Dada Zarude had approached Tailien even closer, the pink cape wavering in the wind. "A-Are you...Dada?" Tailien asked nervously, his legs wobbling like gelatin. "...Do I dare answer you?" Dada huffed, baring their fangs. "Please don't hurt me, Dada..." Tailien begged, hoping the alpha wouldn't cause a stir. "Hmph. What's your name?" Dada questioned, albeit a bit aggressively. "Th-The name's Izuku, but everyone calls me Tailien." Tailien announced proudly, his tail wagging vigorously. "Hm. Let me tell you something, Izuku. If you so much as dare to go against our pack rules and betray us, I will send you back to where you came from. Is that clear?" Dada hissed, almost sounding scary. "Y-Yes, got it." Tailien said nervously. A slightly shorter Zarude had chimed in. "Please treat the boy with respect, much like you did with Koko! You raised him, did you not?" Dada looked at them and sighed. "Yes. But that was because I found him when he was a baby. This child is not a baby." "You raised a baby? No wonder they call you Dada. That's so cool!" Tailien was amazed, which caused him to mutter. "Alright, alright, enough." Dada huffed, their demeanor changing already. "It is within my interest to make this child part of the Zarude colony. Please treat him well, and do not attack him." Dada had protectively held Tailien without warning. "Ah! Dada, please warn me..." Tailien squeaked, his tail tuft getting poofy from being frightened. A crack of a stick was heard from afar. "...What was that?" Tailien wondered, his top ears twitching like satellite dishes. The sound of men hollering and slashing at trees started to become louder. "...Poachers." Dada spoke, freezing up. "Everyone run."
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