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EXP Locked Ditto gaining XP?

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nonpuellamagi's Avatarnonpuellamagi
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just what it says on the tin. i XP locked my ditto at level 50, so i can breed it with multiple pokemon without having to level each one repeatedly to whatever level my ditto is at to avoid the level gap penalty. after roughly two days in the daycare, it's now level 51, nearly level 52. is this a bug or an intentional feature of the daycare? (if it's a bug, i guess this thread can be moved to the bug report forums? but i wanted to check if this was supposed to happen or not before saying it's a bug.) and, if it's an intentional feature, perhaps some note of that could be added to the wiki.
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bradtsu's Avatarbradtsu
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It’s intentional! The daycare gives your pokemon 1 exp every 36 seconds if you don’t have any boosts on, and you can check that on the bottom of he daycare page itself! There is no way to stop the daycare from giving your pokemon exp. The wiki does actually have a section explaining this:

QUOTE originally posted by PFQ Wiki Daycare Page

Pokémon left in the Daycare will gain EXP passively. The base rate at which Pokémon gain EXP is 1 EXP point every 36 seconds. This amount may be increased by purchasing DayCare EXP Boosters. This EXP is added directly to the Pokémon; therefore, Pokémon will gain EXP while in the Daycare even if they are EXP-locked.
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nonpuellamagi's Avatarnonpuellamagi
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gotcha, i guess i just looked on the wrong page? ^^; i was looking on the experience page. that's... annoying, i guess i'll just have to level my ditto and all of its breeding partners to level 100, then... thank you!
bradtsu's Avatarbradtsu
bradtsu's Avatar
You can always mitigate this by not leaving your pokes in your daycare when you’re not actively playing, but even then they’ll get levels eventually ;; You can always doom seed them down to level 1 if you need to but, that’s also a pain. Good luck with your pairs though!!

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