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AdriPokefarm's AvatarAdriPokefarm
AdriPokefarm's Avatar
all sent ! restocked so got quite a lot more s/a :00
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britt's Avatarbritt
britt's Avatar
i'd love anything you'd like to give, just something small <3 ive been having a rough last few days so your kindness is lovely, i will send you something you can give to someone else ♥
britt • they/them • ponyta enthusiast
buying for 50 buying for 25 buying for 100
How sweet for you! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! I'd love any shiny/albino you like, I'm not picky :) Have a nice day! <3


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MegaSwinub's AvatarMegaSwinub
MegaSwinub's Avatar
This is nice! Do you have any Magmarisers, Ancient Power Orbs, or Summons that I could obtain? If not, I'll take something random. Again, this is very nice of you! Thanks! <3
Avatar credit goes to Lvcipher! Whyn't go show their Pokemon some love?

Thank you so much for your kindness! I would just like a cute little guy albino or shiny is fine! ^^
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CQHerosteve's AvatarCQHerosteve
CQHerosteve's Avatar
I'd love to get anything new for my living dex whether it be shiny, albino, or dragon delta. I know it's hard to ask but if you have questions on what I need I can let ya know ^^
Collecting Magma Stones!
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AdriPokefarm's AvatarAdriPokefarm
AdriPokefarm's Avatar
all sent ; going offline sending everything after this when i come back ^^
AlberTTico's AvatarAlberTTico
AlberTTico's Avatar
I love charizard! do you have any of them?
Moonpuff's AvatarMoonpuff
Moonpuff's Avatar
this is so sweet ^^ um.. i guess my biggest goal will be collecting all the shiny alcreamie. So in order to do that I need their sweets not sure of their value though? :o Just consider this a bump and thank you for your kindness. Have a lovely day ^^
AdriPokefarm's AvatarAdriPokefarm
AdriPokefarm's Avatar
both sent , ty !! still have lots :0

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