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AdriPokefarm's AvatarAdriPokefarm
AdriPokefarm's Avatar
looking to clear some fields and give away stuff ! tell me your preferred pokemon and items worth under 100k cr ! i may not have everything you want but i'll try my best uwu you'll most likely be getting either deltas + items s/a normal pokemon + items legends + items but feel free to lmk what you want ;w; i'll upvote a post whenever the trade is done rules first come first serve ! only post once please , i'll be giving everyone who wants something a chance >u< i LOVE doing this since it makes me feel like i can do something nice or help out at least a bit of this community >w< seeing someone post nicely just makes my day <3 reminder : please stop asking for a shiny charm box. i don't have one , and if i did then i wouldn't give it out for free anyways ;w; just please don't expect extremely expensive stuff , stated already that items given out are under 100k cr / equiv
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Ashe Moon's AvatarAshe Moon
Ashe Moon's Avatar
I am looking for some nincadas (or Evo) to make a paiir^^ so if you have one left I would gladly take it 😊 Thank you 🌺
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bradtsu's Avatarbradtsu
bradtsu's Avatar
:O I”d love a random s/a if that’s alright! Water and psychic types are my favorite, but I really love surprises so I don’t mind anything ;w; thank you!!
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That’s very kind of you! I’ve been looking for any naive yamper/bolthund for a pair (I’d like to hunt melan Yamper for my irl dog). If you have any I would love one! If not then a random s/a or a galvanic wooper would be lovely ^-^ Thank you!
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Cepheus's AvatarCepheus
Cepheus's Avatar
How sweet of you! I hope you don't mind me asking for something ♡ My favorite nature is Quirky and I love just about every Pokemon. My favorite color is green if you want something random to go off of ♡ -- Thank you for the precious green baby! ♡
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Chardøx's AvatarChardøx
Chardøx's Avatar
I prefer Serious and Naive Pokemon! So, yeet me over some of your Serious and Naive Pokemon ^^ Edit: Tysm!! The birby is adorable ^^
fairytrainer's Avatarfairytrainer
fairytrainer's Avatar
I hope its okay if I link a specific pokemon? if not thats fine, but i am very interested in this one: https://pokefarm.com/summary/xr9dW and if you have any caimaw or aphreyd line youd be willing to part with? Thanks so much!!! edit: tysm youre a sweet heart 🧡🧡🧡
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Kuromido's AvatarKuromido
Kuromido's Avatar
Hi! Thanks for doing this giveaway, anything would be lovely :) Edit: Thank you so much!! I love him!
Astau's AvatarAstau
Astau's Avatar
Hello! Thank you for doing this, I'd love to get a random s/a :]
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QueenCocoa's AvatarQueenCocoa
QueenCocoa's Avatar
This is very kind of you! If possible id love to get a random of anything! Whatever works the best with you ^-^
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