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Why aren't my Bezemuur breeding?

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Fenny's AvatarFenny
Fenny's Avatar
I've wanted to start a Bezerell shiny hunt today, but no matter what my Bezemuur won't breed. It says they have a 55% total breeding chance, and I'm up to almost 2000 interactions, but there's still no eggs. Is this a site mechanic, a bug, or just super bad luck?
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Gilded's AvatarGilded
Gilded's Avatar
It's mostly bad luck but you might want to look into getting a better pair if you're planning to hunt something! especially if it's a fakemon like Bezerell since they're considerably harder to breed than a normal pokemon and you'll want all the boosts you can get ^^
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Terabbit's AvatarTerabbit
Terabbit's Avatar
What Gilded said is correct! I'd also strongly recommend looking at this guide if you plan on shiny hunting :)
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Fenny's AvatarFenny
Fenny's Avatar
Oh, that's actually very helpful, thank you. I thought it was just a thing of having a slightly lower chance than non-exclusives but I now know that is not the case.

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