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scour help thread?

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SpookyDeer's AvatarSpookyDeer
SpookyDeer's Avatar
i've been through the wiki a ton and have double checked the guide listings and can't seem to find one, is there a thread/entry for scour tips? or is it so cut and dry it doesn't need one? sorry if i'm missing something!
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Tarashia's AvatarTarashia
Tarashia's Avatar
Yeah there's not really a lot to it. Buy the extra slots and boosts as soon as you're able, they'll pay themselves back in gold. Send Pokemon to their preferred area, and swap them out if their energy gets low. Re-start the missions as often as you can. There's some Pokemon that have special things happen during scours, like finding totem stickers, changing forms, or finding unique items. But other than that all Pokemon find the same items, there's not one that like finds extra boxes or anything.
SpookyDeer's AvatarSpookyDeer
SpookyDeer's Avatar
okay, thank you so much!
Teddybear's AvatarTeddybear
Teddybear's Avatar
Just to add. There's a site counter for scour missions in the top right corner, when we fill it up the following day there's a increased chance of finding rare items. Also just as a tip, you want only buy 2 scour boosts. When I switched my original PF1 account over to PFQ it was really weird going from having like 15 scour slots to 3. I bought a whole bunch of scour boosts and gave them to my scouts to hold because for some reason I cant read. Dont do what I did XD just buy two boosts and keep them in your inventory.
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