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We need some help with the wiki~please~

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Pyromander's AvatarPyromander
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Dark purple albino floette 1/c/m/9.png
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Vaporeon26's AvatarVaporeon26
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Got it thank you
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Rebecca Gold's AvatarRebecca Gold
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Are any of these sprites posted in discovery thread? I could look through whole thread and get them if that's the case. ^^
ChefGucci's AvatarChefGucci
ChefGucci's Avatar
We've gone through the sprite discovery thread + the melanistic hatching thread both SEVERAL times, and have had no luck in terms of the codes that are still needed, so going through them again probably won't lead to anything xD
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MossDragon's AvatarMossDragon
MossDragon's Avatar
I've personally tried digging through around the time of some sprite updates, but they aren't (unless they were posted any time before 2017 or so), I'd say whoever uploaded the missing sprites may have PM'd people who had some of missing sprites or something? I have a female Melan Meditite but I still haven't decided whether I want to keep/evolve her bc I'm not sure if Hoenn's safe from some touching up ;;3;;
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Img code for Melan Lunamor isn't on the wiki yet: https://pfq-static.com/img/pkmn/t/r/2/4.png t/r/2/4 From this post in Sprite Discovery =)
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ValleryP's AvatarValleryP
ValleryP's Avatar
Thank you Alche I didn't even notice we forgot to put the code up for it. I guess that happens when you see codes in your sleep at times lol. @Rebecca Gold~ Thanks for offering but Chef is correct. We've gone through Sprite discovery multiple times with multiple sets of eyes since that is the first place everyone thinks to look. @MøssDragon~ Yeah I did the same thing with looking up the date. Some of them I know was discovered prior to the start of Sprite Discovery. Many of the ones that we reuploaded (Because of the 2018 Wiki Incident) there were so many users working on getting the sprites back up and running that it could have been anything from PMing, finding it in a user's field, having the sprite saved elsewhere, or just coming across it randomly. With a lot of the ones that have my name on it I'm more of the coming across it randomly person and it's been so long that I have no clue where I found it lol.
Raynavee's AvatarRaynavee
Raynavee's Avatar
Didn't know exactly where to contact you guys, but I noticed that the image code under the Dark Green Albino Floette is actually the image code for the Dark Green Albino Florges (i/m/8/o) while I was trying to put together my journal dex for these guys.
ValleryP's AvatarValleryP
ValleryP's Avatar
Whoops thank you for noticing that! I will get that fixed on the wiki and change the fact that we need the Dark Green Albino Floette instead of the Florges~
ValleryP's AvatarValleryP
ValleryP's Avatar
Going to just bump this up since it's been 7 days.

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