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Type Race Rules

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Type Race Rules

When the first day of each month comes around, every user is assigned a type on their Trainer Card
It's the circular icon on the bottom-left corner of the portrait that is on the Trainer Card itself.
that indicates which Type Race team they are on. At that point, the first user to go to the Type Race Discussion forum and create a thread for the team of their type is the Type Race Discussion thread host. If you accidentally create a duplicate (based on its Posted time), delete it. If the host goes inactive, contact a moderator. The moderator will either take over the existing thread, or will allow for the creation of a new thread. This will usually be the first person who brought this information forward, assuming their account is in good standing and the desire to host the new one is present. Otherwise, the moderator will ask in the current Type Race Discussion thread for a new host to volunteer. The Site Rules all apply here with no exceptions. I'll explicitly state a few of the most commonly confused ones here to make sure everything is clear. As an important note for hosts, understand that if you are the Type Race Discussion host, you are making an unspoken agreement with the moderation team that you will report any rulebreaking instances within the thread during its lifespan. While it is understandable that not every post gets read by the host especially during times of heavy activity, if you are found to be participating in discussion where rulebreaking is actively occurring without having reported said rulebreaking, then your ability to host the Type Race Discussion thread may be temporarily revoked. This revocation may become permanent in the event that it occurs multiple times. Now, here are the rules:

Rule 1: Stick to your team's thread

Only post in the Type Race Discussion thread of the team you are on. Posting on another team's thread is not allowed. If you need to talk to someone who is on another team for any reason, PM them.

Rule 2: No double-posting

Double-posting is not allowed. If you or a teammate gets PokéRus, either edit your previous post or wait for someone else to notify the team.

Rule 3: No SPAM

There are several different things that qualify as SPAM. A. Excessive Caps Excessive caps still need to be avoided - they are SPAM. Express your congratulations for someone else's special hatches without writing the majority of the message in caps. Having a small amount of caps for emphasis is okay. B. Pointless or Unrelated Posts
  • Avoid roleplaying and general cheerleading - these are pointless and are SPAM.
  • While simple congratulatory/good luck statements are allowed without being deleted as spam, please consider using the up-vote/thumbs-up function as an alternative.
  • The Type Race Discussion thread is not intended for you to get other people to add to your Pokémon's Descriptions. If you wish to have your Pokémon signed or "scribbled" on, please ask people to PM you as an aside in a post that otherwise contributes to the thread.

Rule 4: No sales or unrelated trades

A Type Race Discussion thread is not a substitute for a Trades forum thread, and it is poor sportspersonship to try to make a profit off of your teammates. Do not conduct trades in your Type Race thread except for lending/borrowing breeding pairs or Shelter Passes. If you wish to give away free Shiny/Albino Pokemon to members of your team, you may offer this once in your Type Race thread, and teammates who take you up on your offer must send you a PM instead of posting in the thread. If you want to give a special deal or discount for team members, do so in a Trades thread or Trade Shop. Should you want to advertise such a deal, do so in your About Me, Trainer Card, or Forum Signature.

Rule 5: Raffles and contest creation

Do not make a raffle or contest in this forum. Submit an application in the Contest Applications forum instead. Remember not to accept any donations until after your application is approved. Additionally, donations for the contest are not to be accepted via the Type Race Discussion thread -- do so via the contest thread itself, PMs, or note it as a donation in the trade itself.

Rule 6: Advertising

Raffles associated with your Type Race team may be advertised once every 24 hours by either the Team host or the Raffle host.
As a final note, please be mindful of which month's thread you are posting in. It is normal for the previous month's Type Race Discussion threads to be deleted anywhere from 7 days post-race to the last day of the month, but please use the new one in the case this has not yet been done. If you need need any information retrieved from a past thread, PM a moderator. Thank you for helping keep the Type Race Discussion threads productive places for camaraderie and cooperation during the races. Good luck with reaching all of your goals~!
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