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I must be going insane, but here goes: I've hatched three or four of these eggs today, and I can only seem to get the Boreal forme? Is it account locked or something? The other forme is one of the remaining pokemon I need for Arceus... I did buy 5 more eggs, so please... tell me it's random. lol
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It depends on where in your party you hatch it!

QUOTE originally posted by annador

From what I've seen so far, its relative to where you hatch in the party what forme you get. Boreal = northern hemisphere. So hatch in the first two/top two slots of the party to get that forme. Austral = southern hemisphere. Hatch in the bottom two slots to get the smol one. The middle slots are between the hemispheres so to speak, so you get a random forme there. At least that's the theory so far. ^^;
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AsymDoll13's AvatarAsymDoll13
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Oh... That's... actually really cool! Thanks so much, Detective. lol

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