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Quitting Sale - currency/paypal prefered <3

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bradtsu's Avatarbradtsu
bradtsu's Avatar
:o hello I have amassed more currency…. With a List again OTL i’m just gonna hidebox it to keep your thread a little bit cleaner! Prices are in zc for easier math OTL I’ll be paying in CR if that’s ok!

Delta Special Nihilego Would 1200zc be a good offer? TwT Oricorio 50zc Shinx 50zc Mightyena 50zc Scaracross 50zc Inteleon 50zc Farfetch’d 50zc Sinistea 50 zc Piplup 50zc Nickit 50zc Rillaboom 50zc Inteleon 50zc Trix :> 50zc Cleffa 50zc 650zc for the above boys and girls? Shiny Sentret Pair M Shiny Sentret Pair F 14zc for the pair? Albino Spinda 12zc? A total of 1876zc equivalent, Nihilego included ofc, please let me know if that’s not a good offer ;w; or if you’d like more for some of these babs! Completely unsure of the pricing below OTL please let me know what you’d be looking for for these! Ground Ditto Rock Ditto Ice Ditto
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annador's Avatarannador
annador's Avatar
That offer sounds great to me! And uhh to be perfectly honest I have no idea how to price them. I think at least one of them I got for like 350gp, so if you wanna do like 300gp for the lot is fine with me
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bradtsu's Avatarbradtsu
bradtsu's Avatar
That’s perfect for me! I’ll go ahead and gift the currency over and you can send trades at your leisure TwT Edit:Thank you again! They’ll all be very much loved <3
KaidaMcWoomy's AvatarKaidaMcWoomy
KaidaMcWoomy's Avatar
I am very sorry to see you go qwq, but hey you gotta do what's best for you. Can I inquire about the prices for the following: 1) Shiny charm box 2) Shiny charms 3) dead shiny charms 4) this regular female (rare gender) valenoir: link 5) Regular Taurminos: link 6) Regular Sagidamas: link 7) Regular female (rare gender) Taiveret: link 8) Your evolution stones (minus the oval stones) 9) Your tart/sweet apples ik you said market price for the last two but there was just an evo tournament and that bumps the prices way up for all the evo items so I thought I would ask just to be sure cause idk how inflated everything still is from that qwq
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annador's Avatarannador
annador's Avatar
So for the items, I'm willing to do a discount from site price, just feel free to offer. Shiny charms and dead charms I value the same tbh. That Valenoir is actually part of a 99% pair, if you'd be interested in that instead of splitting? Could do like 10gp for the pair and any of the regular things you linked. Honestly just throw out an offer for the evolve items, I'm not super picky.
Sandslash666's AvatarSandslash666
Sandslash666's Avatar
Sorry to see you go always sad to see friends go but i understand and hope you continue being happy with whichever path you walk down now <3 all the best <3 that being said would it be ok if I got asmuch of your credits for paypal as possible <3 (i think it would come to $35 but you know me and math dont go well so if ive messed it up let me know the correct amount ^w^;)

Things I'm collecting

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carbink's Avatarcarbink
carbink's Avatar
how much are u looking for each egg supplier pass?
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Hypatia's AvatarHypatia
Hypatia's Avatar
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annador's Avatarannador
annador's Avatar
Sandyyyy ; I'll definitely miss you, I hope things go well for you too!! Get ALL the fakemon melans. <3 So right now I have like 22.5 mill that I can trade, which at $1:500k would be $45, lemme know if you want all of that? o: Iokuma ; Sure thing, I'll get them sent over! carbink ; I think I could let them go for 450k each, since I most likely bought them on a perse day. Hypatia ; Sure, I'll get them sent over shortly!

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