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Hunt for Giratina

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ThyGengar's AvatarThyGengar
ThyGengar's Avatar
So basically, Giratina was freed by some evil force and destroyed your town. The government (federal and state/province/etc.) was refusing to help rebuild your town. 5 people are chosen to become the people who either destroy the government, hunt down Giratina, or re-seal up Giratina in the Distortion World thingy. (Other people who are not part of the 5 people who do the main stuff can support and create conflicts/mini-adventures along their way. This is probably the most important role, as you might see later.)


Main characters: 2/5 Antagonists: 0/10 Background characters: 0/∞


Name: Partner (pokemon, not uh well...): Personality: Hobbies: Role (antagonist, 5 chosen people who set out to obliterate Giratina, background characters): Crush: Other:

My Character(s):

Name: Will Partner: Aegislash (Sword and shield forme are both accessible) Personality: Dark, but can be happy at times. Doesn't use hope or confidence; saves them as last resort. Hobbies: Catching ghost, dark, poison, and psychic type pokemon and checking his pokedex all the time. Also practicing archery, looking for things to hide in (he's quite good at hiding). Also hoards Druddigon. He likes selling them. Role: Main character Crush: OPEN Other: No.
RP starts at 10 Background characters, 10 antagonists, 5 main characters.
Name: Lilly Partner: Gardevoir Personality: Kind, Sutbborn, and Adventurous Hobbies: Catching Dark, Fairy, Physic, and Dragon. Also likes drawing her pokemon sometimes. Role (antagonist, 5 chosen people who set out to obliterate Giratina, background characters): Main, if not then Background Crush: Open Other: None
ThyGengar's AvatarThyGengar
ThyGengar's Avatar

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