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What’s the weirdest nickname you’ve ever given a Pokémon?

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Dogmage999's AvatarDogmage999
Dogmage999's Avatar
posracer the metapod
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srrated's Avatarsrrated
srrated's Avatar
Sold him but I had named a shiny mega vaporeon "CENTRIFUGAL FORCE"
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R34CT's AvatarR34CT
R34CT's Avatar
gotta be my 99% Toxtricity pair, they're named after cat7 connector types.
Hope'sUnicorn's AvatarHope'sUnicorn
Hope'sUnicorn's Avatar
"Like me, a disappointment." Happened on a 4k egg hunt where both my melans were not the right nature, despite double quirky parents and everstones. >.< le sigh
Dan Heng's AvatarDan Heng
Dan Heng's Avatar
Jokingly named my arceus princess pink, wanted it to be a bit ironic since arceus is literally the creator, ehehe >:)


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MP-Lily's AvatarMP-Lily
MP-Lily's Avatar
In my actual Pokemon games there's usually a lot of odd ones. Especially in my copy of Ultra Moon, 'cause I was 13 when I got it. However, on PFQ?? Some of mine just have emojis for their names. My favorite is 🗿the nosepass. 'Cause it's based on a Moai.
DopeyTheCat's AvatarDopeyTheCat
DopeyTheCat's Avatar
Named my Blaziken Spicy McChicken lmao but I have a lot of weird name for my Pokemon hah.
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Carlina's AvatarCarlina
Carlina's Avatar
I sent a male snover out in the wonder trade called "Spruce Lee"
Yzrch's AvatarYzrch
Yzrch's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Carlina

I sent a male snover out in the wonder trade called "Spruce Lee"
Absolutely genius. You win! The weirdest pokemon name I've ever given is to an albino Phione. I named it A Horrible Sunburn.
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Starcore's AvatarStarcore
Starcore's Avatar
So.. this is Crunchwrap and Corndog... Hehe. I have no explanation for them. Maybe I was hungry when I named 'em.
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