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Selling Regular Galarian Moltres

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Absol's AvatarAbsol
Absol's Avatar
I was getting impatient in waiting for a Niet/Sei day so I started to hunt Galarian Moltres! Sadly I don't have any spare specials left over at the current moment, but I do have a bunch of regulars! Just post what gender/nature you would llke and I can go digging through my fields for them~! I'm looking for 50 GP, 50k Credits or 10 ZC per Galarian Moltres~ Please post here or send a labeled trade! Thanks c:
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Minjoo's AvatarMinjoo
Minjoo's Avatar
Hi! Do you happen to have a naive or timid female? o:
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Glacegoss's AvatarGlacegoss
Glacegoss's Avatar
Do you happen to have any Timid Females? :> Timid Males are ok too just looking to grab one!
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Orcalot's AvatarOrcalot
Orcalot's Avatar
If you have any Modest ones, I'd love to pick one up for ZC! If not I'm fine with anything other than Adamant or Jolly. gender does not matter to me!
Absol's AvatarAbsol
Absol's Avatar
Trades have all been sent out~ Thanks everyone c:
Kiiyal's AvatarKiiyal
Kiiyal's Avatar
Hi. Could i get one for 50gp please? I'd like a male one if you have it.
Gest's AvatarGest
Gest's Avatar
If you have a lonely that would be epic ;0; good luck on your hunt! Im trying my best to wait to hunt it
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Absol's AvatarAbsol
Absol's Avatar
Trades have been sent out c:
Arcadiamoon's AvatarArcadiamoon
Arcadiamoon's Avatar
Hello, May I please get 1 for 50gp? Thank you
Absol's AvatarAbsol
Absol's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Arcadiamoon

Hello, May I please get 1 for 50gp? Thank you
Yup yup! I'll send one over c:

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