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Only Bulbasaur (a Pokemon Creepypasta)

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It was a regular day, as I opened up my old GameBoy. I bought a Pokemon Green hack, only costed me a buck. The description said "TaK2 lT" and I thought it was a weird joke to get people to buy it. I put it in, the title screen loaded, though there was a one second delay. "Well, it is old" I thought. I pressed new game (weird, there was no save file, guess they preset it) and the game started off normally. Waking up from bed, getting a starter. There was no rival for some reason. "Maybe it's a part of the rom portion?" There were three pokeballs as usual. I decided to pick a Squirtle, but it was wierd. The screen read, "ONLY BULBA". I guess the game is about Bulbasaur. I picked Charmander, and it said, again, "ONLY BULBA". Okay, I guess I'm picking Bulbasaur. When I picked up the PokeBall, an invisible trainer battled me, saying "ONLY BULBA". I guessed this rom was made by someone who isn't that good at romhacking. I battled the trainer, and text popped up saying "Trainer ONLY BULBASAUR wants to PLaY..." I got out my level 5 Bulbasaur and we started the battle. It only had two moves: Absorb and Vine Whip. We were fighting a glitchy-looking Squirtle. Strange thing was, it looked scared. I decided to use Vine Whip, but the game said "ONLY BULBA" and I couldn't use it. I tried Absorb. 'What other choice do I have', I thought. The game froze for 2 seconds, and the game said, "BULBASAUR USED ABSORB" Finally, something normal. Until the screen started glitching and "ABSORB" was plastered on the screen. Okay.... Obviously something wasn't right. Then Bulbasaur turned to me. IT TURNED TO ME. Maybe something the romhacker added to the game? The Squirtle ended up falling to the floor, blood covering its entire body. "OBVIOUSLY THE CREATOR WAS A CREEPYPASTA MAKER RIGHT?!" I thought. The screen went black, then flashed white. It had some text on it, saying "SQUIRTLE DIED." Then the game crashed. I decided to take a break from the game, so I ended up reading. But for some reason, I couldn't stop thinking about it. I was quite terrified by it. I went back on there, and then I saw it. The gameboy startup had a little Bulbasaur minisprite on it (you know, the weird monster baby?!) And instead of playing the GB sound, it played a corrupted Bulbasaur cry. And the GB logo was replaced by the "ONLY BULBA" text. It flashed, showing the dead Squirtle for half a second. I felt bad for it. Then, the text said "YOU MISS HIM, DON'T YOU." Then, the Bulbasaur showed on the screen. How did it know?! I cooly replied, "Yes, but what are you gonna do about it?" Then, more text appeared at the bottom, saying "BRIANNA." It KNEW MY NAME. I shut off the gameboy, and went to bed in shock. I awoke to a sound in the night. The corrupted Bulbasaur sound. I saw a note on my bed, saying "ONLY BULBA". I went to find my Gameboy, and it was gone. In place of it it had another note. "~BULBASAUR" I was really scared now. Did it get out of the game?! I don't have any siblings who would troll me, so who did that?! I heard the Absorb sound effect. Then I saw it. The dead Squirtle. The Bulbasaur appeared, saying "SQUIRTLE DIED. ONLY BULBA." I had to do something. I grabbed my Gameboy charger and threw it at him. He was gone, and the Squirtle. Even though he's gone now, I still feel like he's out there....
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Hi! I hope you enjoyed this completed story! I don't mind if you make fan sprites or fanart, too! (also my name isn't Brianna)
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Good story! :)
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Amazing! I've always liked child-friendly games getting turned into Creepypastas!
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I liked it

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