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The Shiftiest Art Shop: OPEN

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The Shiftiest Art Shop

Currently Accepting: USD & ZC
$1 : 100 ZC
Hi everyone, my official buisness name out in the world is SHIFTY SPHYNX ART & DESIGN and I go by Red for buisness purposes, but here you can call me whatever you'd like. This shop will have adopts and my general commission prices! Adopts are currently on offer, so offer whatever you think they're worth!

Ghost Eevee : Offer

Joltik Eevee : Offer

Venonat + Blastoise Fusion : Offer


1. Do not edit adopts or images. 2. Please credit me when posting the image or if I originally created a design. 3. If selling; please do not sell for more than bought for unless it comes with more art. New owners, please continue crediting me. 4.Currency/ Apps available for payment use: Deviantart Points, Square, Cash App, Venmo, Stripe, Google pay, Facebook Pay or Paypal. Checks and/or Cash are only available in person or at conventions.
Commissions Status: Open

PFP & ICONS : $15



Merch : CLOSED

If this isn't allowed I'll delete it asap! But these prices do not include shipping.


Extra Characters: +$10 for each additional individual after the first. Background: +$5 Print : +$5 (includes shipping)

TOS for Commissions

1.) All commissions require a half down payment on quoted price before work can begin. a.) Quotes will be sent through PM with contract. 2.) Individuals will have 2 weeks to send me half payments. If an individual does not comply, commission is canceled and any money paid to that point cannot be refunded. a.) Any individual who does the above will not be able to commission me again. b.) This rule can be overlooked if the customer alerts Red to any other circumstances that may cause payment to take longer. c.) First payment is due 2 weeks after contract signature. 3.) I reserved the right to refuse any commission. 4.) I reserve the right to be given at least 2 weeks to finish your commission. Any more needed will be discussed between the client and myself. 5.) Progress shots will be sent at sketch and lineart updates, edits can be done at these points. After these updates if changes are wanted, each change will incur a cost of $1. a.) If commission is something other than a digital or traditional piece, two general updates will be given to the customer to substitute the above referenced updates. 6.) No returns or exchanges for services rendered. 7.) Do not edit or change my art in any way, shape or form. If you want changes to the design, please let me know during the commission process OR create a new piece for said edits. 8.) Currency/ Apps available for payment use: Deviantart Points, Square, Cash App, Venmo, Stripe, Google pay, Facebook Pay or Paypal. Checks and/or Cash are only available in person or at conventions.
How to Obtain
Please comment or PM me with specifics on what you are wanting from me! If it's an adopt please either tell me the number or the name of the adopt; as well as how you wish to pay. If its a commission, I will PM you quotes as well as the complete contract needed to start your commission. Adopts are a first come, first served basis but commissions are NOT. I also have lots of socials and a shop! If you're interested in those please PM me and I'll send you links!
I live in the art forums... I love seeing everyone's art <3
Shiftycheese's AvatarShiftycheese
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§ 6/17/2021 : Added Adopt ¤ 6/16/2021: Added ZC as available currency! § 6/13/2021: Added Adopt § 6/9/2021: Shop Open!



Old Adopts


Completed Work

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Misx Reserved
Shiftycheese's AvatarShiftycheese
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open :D
Shiftycheese's AvatarShiftycheese
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Shiftycheese's AvatarShiftycheese
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added zc as a form of currency ! conversations may change though <3

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