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Any Code Tips?

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powgal15's Avatarpowgal15
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Any code tips? Can someone tell me how to make an extension to my About Me? I want to have a friends and bait tab that looks nice.
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Myself20's AvatarMyself20
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To put a link in your trainer card, at the bottom of the page you want to put in your trainer card, there should be this button:


You should click on that and it should take you to a shortlink creation page. Copy/Paste the shortlink and put it in your trainer card.

another screenshot

I'm not sure what you mean by "friends tab", but I assume that you mean something like this: Code: [url=INSERT PROFILE LINK HERE][pkmn=INSERT POKEMON NAME HERE][/url]
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powgal15's Avatarpowgal15
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@Myself20 Tysm!
FatalDubstep's AvatarFatalDubstep
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There are also many free to use templates for your about me, if you're interested. I currently use one from the link above.
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powgal15's Avatarpowgal15
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QUOTE originally posted by FatalDubstep

There are also many free to use templates for your about me, if you're interested. I currently use one from the link above.
Yeah, I'm using one, I just want to add an extention to mine for more tabs and I don't know how.
KishanHaru's AvatarKishanHaru
KishanHaru's Avatar
Generally speaking it's pretty easy. If you could paste your code we could better help you out with that. (Remember to use nobbcode tags so we can see it easier/faster ^-^)
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here's one i wrote in my journal today: To insert an image: [img]Image here![/img] Example: To insert bold text [b]Text here![/b] Example: Text here! To insert no Bbcode: [nobbcode][b]what ever you want here[/b][/nobbcode] Example: [b]what ever you want here[/b] To insert link: [url]Link here[/url] Example:https://pokefarm.com/upload/PikachudittoUwU/Taco/Taco_first_pic.png to insert Hide box: [hide=Insert words here!](and over here)[/hide] Example:

Insert words here!

(and over here)
To make Text with a strike-through: [s]words here![/s] Example: words here! To make centered text: [centre]Centred Text[/centre] Example:
Centred Text
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