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ūüĆĄ Pok√© Cottage [Items, pairs, RTEs, berry-sorted free]

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Jorybear's AvatarJorybear
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Poké Cottage

Items, pairs, RTEs, berry-sorted free fields + more! Nestled into the mountain there is a cozy cottage, surrounded by huge open fields where pokémon can roam.
Hello and thanks for visiting! This shop sells a variety of things, and I'm usually open to requests. If no action is taken on an open trade for 24 hours, I may put the pokémon back up for sale. Currency Ratio 5,000 = 5 = 1 Mixed payment is fine! I am also happy to accept gems of any type. Valued at 10 per medium, or double for dragon/steel. I can sometimes do currency swaps, but I don't always have a ton of currency on hand. Currently saving ZC for Hypermode pass.
  • Specials: S/A/D
  • Breeding Pairs
  • Ready-to-evolve
  • Gem Swap
  • Summons
  • Evolution Items
  • Berry-sorted free fields


All S/A/D pokemon are in a clearly labeled tab. Please provide the link for the specific pokémon.

Shiny prices


Albino prices

Deltas: 10

Breeding Pairs

All pairs are in clearly labeled fields. Percentages listed in names are base percentages; the pokemon may have low levels or have level differences. 90-96% pairs: 10 97-99% pairs: 20 Exlusive/variant pairs: 40 Don't see what you're looking for? I am happy to put together custom pairs; just ask.


My RTE pokemon are hidden because there are a ton of them. Dragon & steel types: 2 per pokemon All other types: 1 per pokemon If you're looking for RTEs, please fill out the form:

RTE request form

[i]Looking for RTEs![/i] [b]Type(s):[/b] Write any types you need here [b]Amount(s) needed:[/b] You'll get as many as I have up to the amounts you have here. [b]Open to hunt?[/b] Yes if you want me to hunt more for you. No if you only want my current stock.

Current hunt(s)


Gem Swap

Collecting/NFT: Worth double: I am willing to swap small or medium gems, except the type I'm collecting.
Gem Stock
x 145 x 197 x 46
x 298 x 56 x 52
x 16 x 38 x 23
x 421 x 71 x 33
x 239 x 45 x 3
x 95 x 205 x 190


Summons are valued at roughly market price.

Summons in stock

Fire Featherx 0
Ice Fangx 0
Kagamix 0
Magatamax 0
Gracidea Seedx 0
Victory Medalx 1
Cobalt Epeex 1
Terracotta Epeex 1
Life Antlerx 1
Death Wingx 1
Diamond Tiarax 1
Soul Heartx 1
Rusted Swordx 1
Rusted Shieldx 1
Combat Featherx 1
Plasma Koax 1

Evolution Items

Items are valued at roughly market price.

Evolution stones in stock

Dawn Stonex 3
Dusk Stonex 0
Ice Stonex 4
Leaf Stonex 0
Moon Stonex 2
Oval Stonex 4
Sun Stonex 2
Thunderstonex 3

Evolution items in stock

Cracked Teapotx 5
DeepSeaScalex 7
DeepSeaToothx 5
Dragon Scalex 7
Dubious Diskx 0
Electiriserx 3
Galarica Cuffx 3
Galarica Wreathx 3
King's Rockx 9
Leekx 3
Magmariserx 3
Metal Coatx 6
Protectorx 5
Razor Clawx 7
Razor Fangx 6
Reaper Clothx 5
Sachetx 7
Sticky Barbx 4
Up-Gradex 0
Whipped Dreamx 5

Orbs in stock

Ancient Powerx 7
Double Hitx 0
Dragon Pulsex 4
Mimicx 2
Rolloutx 0
Stompx 0
Tauntx 0

Berry-sorted free fields

Free pokémon are always available in labeled, berry-sorted fields. Please post here with your requests, providing the link for the specific pokémon. There is no limit to how many free pokémon you can request, but larger orders may take longer depending on trade slot availability. I wonder trade frequently, but if there are posts here I'll fulfill these requests before doing any wonder trades.

Shop banner

Credits: Official pokemon sprite & F2U background by Simon Berger
Jorybear ‚ÄĘ she/they My shop for RTEs, items, gem swaps, and more!
Could i purchase a large size Pumpkaboo for 2 GP please
moonoa's Avatarmoonoa
moonoa's Avatar
Can I please have the dialga and latias in the free fields? Thanks!
Jorybear's AvatarJorybear
Jorybear's Avatar
Sure thing! I sent the Latias, and will send over Dialga once a trade slot is free. :)
40gp in total for these two x x
I'm holding a special Auction! here‚̧ Click my special baby too please!
Jorybear's AvatarJorybear
Jorybear's Avatar
Hi NOORANXX, thanks for your offer! I will decline this offer, since the Chocolate Meowstics were 250 GP for a pair during the event.
Jorybear's AvatarJorybear
Jorybear's Avatar
Bump :)
Jorybear's AvatarJorybear
Jorybear's Avatar
Bump :)
Jorybear's AvatarJorybear
Jorybear's Avatar
Bump :)
InsaneMandii's AvatarInsaneMandii
InsaneMandii's Avatar
can I possibly get the terrakin in your free field? I forgot how to spell it properly I apologize

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