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Saving the Destruction of Kalos!

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CHAPTER ONE One day I woke up from bed only to notice to be sleeping on a leaf.I felt like an eevee was poking me in the face.I woke up only to see that I was correct only that....I was actually smaller than an eevee?!?!?! :Hi friend! I was confused why I was able to hear Eevee.Anyways I asked her what I looked like. :You look like a Chespin! A what now?!?!?! I was confused why this has happened to me but there seemed to be something wrong...I heard that there were a such thing called negative energy cells that were from mysterious places....I rushed near a bush and saw something AMAZING. :HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE??? Ends up A Zygarde Complete form just popped right up in my face.Anyways It looked like the outside was starting to be red... :I will take care of this! Somehow I was able to use Aromatherapy and the Zygarde felt better. :Hello!Thank you for healing me. :No prob! Okay Eevee didnt even understand Who"Zygarde" was. :Why are you trying to show off like a legendary pokemon? I whispered to eevee that he was a legendary pokemon. YOU ARE A LEGENDARY?SO COOLLL!!!! :Oh my thank you!Anyways I need to get moving.I need to stop the"Destruction Of Kalos!" That was new but maybe because Zygarde Legit watches over everyone so I had to believe him. :Do you mind if we help? :As you wish Chespin.And for your friend eevee well...He looks hungry. :I wanna EAAAATTTT!! :Okay we can eat but before we go....Zygarde can we help you? :Help would be appreciated.You can help!But remember you have to be very careful...I wish you good luck. and:Let's do this! :Can we eat now? After that we headed home and picked some fresh pecha berries.... __________________________________________________________ ~This is A WIP!~Please do not post unless if something is wrong with the story!~
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