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The adventures of Darkrai

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Stats of the characters Night (Darkrai) Level 42 Ability: Bad Dreams Moves: Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Spacial Rend, Dream Eater Nature: Gentle Cresselia Level 56 Ability: Levitate Moves: Moonblast, Psychic, Lunar Dance, Moonlight Nature: Rash Internal (Gallade) Level 40 Ability: Steadfast Moves: Drain Punch, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Psycho Cut Nature: Adamant
Internal charged at the Sharpedo, preparing a Drain Punch. She aimed for the Sharpedo's nose, but as her fist was about to connect, her opponent opened his mouth and used Crunch on Internal's blade. Internal quickly jumped back and attempted to use Drain Punch again, but with the same results. As Internal stood there, the Sharpedo seized the chance to hit Internal with Waterfall, and made her flinch. Unfortunately for the Sharpedo, thanks to the flinch from Waterfall, Internal's speed was raised. She raised her fist and used Ice Punch, not at her foe, but at the ground! The audience gasped at this, while Internal kept hitting the ground, over and over again, and now the ring was covered in a blanket of ice. But when the Gallade was about to use Ice Punch on the ground for the last time, her opponent sped towards her and was about to use Ice Fang! Luckily, due to Internal's increased speed, her reflexes were faster and she used Ice Punch on the Sharpedo's mouth, freezing his jaw and making him unable to use Crunch or Ice Fang. Internal then proceeded to use Psycho Cut, not on the Sharpedo, but on the ice so she could ice skate! With that, she was able to KO the Sharpedo with a Drain Punch, and win the battle! The crowd roared and cheered at this, and after Internal melted the Sharpedo's iced-over mouth with Fire Punch, he asked, "I'll keep my word. Where would you like to go?"
"You want to go to KALOS?!" shrieked Shard (the Sharpedo that Internal beat). "Plus, you're bringing a Darkrai with you? Not to mention the fact that you're a female Gallade? Am I dreaming? What a horrible nightmare!!" "Calm down and stop having a heart attack! First, I thought we had an agreement that you would take me somewhere. Oh, and that Darkrai's name is Night. Got that?" Internal yelled, clearly on the verge of flinging Shard into a tree. "If you would like, I can always take you down again, if that's what you would want." Internal continued, looking a little satisfied with Shard's silence. "Alright, alright. I'll take you to Kalos on two conditions: One, you must pack your own stuff, and two: I will go to get my mega-evolution with the two of you. Does that seem fair enough for you?" Shard replied. "Okay. That's a deal!" I said, excited for the adventure that awaited us. Shard jumped into the nearby creek, muttering things under his breath like "Cresselia, a villain?" and "Why did I agree to this?". Three days later, Internal and I stood at the edge of the creek, and Shard's head popped out of the water. "Okay, now hop on my back." Shard instructed us. Once we were all set, the Sharpedo zoomed across the water with amazing speed, and we were off to Kalos.

Pages: 12

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