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The adventures of Darkrai

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As a starly slammed into my back with all his might, Cresselia told me to get out of here and never come back. "Cresselia, you know that I have no place to go as absolutely no one wants me around. I've told you this so many times already, so how come you always do this to me?" I pleaded. "So? That's your problem, not mine. For all that I care, you can go to the Distortion World and keep Giratina company." she retorted. Cresselia had always stalked me, trying to kick me out of places, to "help" the Pokémon and people, and ironically, made my life a nightmare. I never wanted to hurt anyone, but everyone antagonized me because wherever I wandered, I brought nightmares. As I was saying before, Cresselia looked down at me and my shivering body, covered in wounds from so many Pokémon, both wild and from trainers that believed Cresselia's lies. I knew that I was defeated, and with my last bits of strength, I floated out and when I looked at the scene below, I sighed when I saw Cresselia's triumphant grin and how those gullible idiots were celebrating. I floated to a nearby cave and as I looked at the stars, wondered what I should do since everyone hated me and I had nothing to do.
As the sun rose, Pokemon and trainers passed by my cave, chattering about randome things. I didn't really listen to them, as their topics were too boring to listen too. I chewed a durin berry and was trying my best to come up with an idea to beat Cresselia. Most of my ideas, though were things that I wouldn't do, though. At that moment, a pair of noisy campers passed by and were saying something about "body swap". That got my attention, and I leaned a bit closer to find out more. "You didn't hear? That guy, with a malfunctioning Pokemon Storage System, swapped bodies with a Pokemon! Luckily, he was fine, because some person walked in and helped that man." I was very interested, and decided that I would pay a visit to Kanto. One week later, I grabbed my sack and headed for Kanto.
A day later, I was swimming in my Magikarp costume when this Kirlia jumped on me. I wondered what she was doing, and so curiosity got the better of me, and I followed her. As I trailed her, I noticed that she was holding a dawn stone, much to my confusion. We were near a river when, trying to cross it, hopped on me again, but this time, she jumped on me so hard that part of the disguise broke and I tumbled out! The Kirlia stared at me, then screamed, hopped back on land, and ran. I didn't want her to alert someone, so I swam after her and wow, she was fast! It was almost like she had used Extreme Speed or Quick Attack! Even though this Kirlia was fast, I still managed to catch up with her, and I gasped "Wait!". The Kirlia turned around and asked "Why should I? You're Darkrai, a dangerous Pokémon!" Well, that was a new one. Most Pokémon, after encountering me, would attack. Maybe I could talk some sense into her. "I won't hurt you, as long as you don't tell anyone. Also, I want answers. Why do you have a dawn stone, when you know that you can't evolve into a Gallade?" The Kirlia hesitated. "Will you not hurt me if we just talk?" I thought about it, and said "Sure, as long as you don't attack me." We decided that we would currently be in a stalemate while we talked.
I asked the Kirlia if she would go first. The Kirlia replied "Sure", cleared her throat, and began: "I lived in a place called 'The Ralts Valley'. We lived next to Snorunt Mountain, and there was a cave in between Snorunt Mountain and Ralts Valley. The cave was filled with Dawn Stones, and marked the border between the 2 places." "I was always confused to why only males could choose between becoming Gardevoirs or Gallades. I carried these thoughts my whole life, and when the time for me to become a Gardevoir came, I was evolving, when suddenly, I knew that I wanted to be a Gallade, so I snapped out of the evolution process, and headed for the Dawn Stone Cave. Unfortunately, I got thrown out of the village, but I wanted to swap bodies with a Gallade via Manaphy's Heart Swap if I couldn't evolve into Gallade." I (Darkrai) thought to myself that her story was like mine: we both were kicked out of places. After I told her my tale, I asked the Kirlia "What's your name?" The Pokémon answered "Uh... I'm Internal. What's your name?" I thought and laughed. "I don't have a name, people just call me Darkrai. I wanted my name to be Night, though."
Internal's fist glowed with blue power as she charged up an Ice Punch. I grinned and said "Not so fast!" as I threw a Shadow Ball. Surprisingly, Internal's Ice Punch smashed the purple ball. I quickly dodged before she could hit me, and I made a mental note that Internal was getting stronger. After that sparring session, we took a break to eat. As we ate our berries, I noticed something strange on the ground and picked it up. It was a white and blue capsule, and Internal leaned closer to take a better look at it. She asked "What is that?" and I replied 'I have no clue." I threw it aside and said "Whatever. We don't know what's it for, so why do we need to keep it?" Internal and I walked back to our food, though Internal cast one last look at it.
A few weeks had passed, and both of us were getting stronger. It was great to have a friend (though I did NOT mention to Internal that I thought her as a friend) that would spar with me and eat side-by-side with me. (Internal's POV) I never thought that I would be friends with a legendary, leave alone mythical, Pokemon. At my home, I was an outcast because I always wondered what it would be like to be a Gallade. It was great to have a friend who was sympathetic with me and understood me. When I heard Night's sad (personally, I think he was slightly exaggerating of how terrible Cresselia treated him) story, I kicked myself hard because all this time, I thought that Night was evil! So, anyways-"GAH!!!" I yelled because i was hit by a Shadow Ball. Night reappeared, with a purple energy in his palm that was slowly fading away. "You shouldn't let your guard down, Internal." Night lectured, slowly floating down onto the ground. "Oh, sorry Night. I was just thinking to myself." I replied. Night's eyes suddenly opened wide. "Hey, what's up? Do you need eye drops or something?" I asked. Night shook his head hard. "I... No... INTERNAL!!! LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!!!" I looked behind, and there was something behind me. "Well, look who I found today!" said Cresselia, and she looked as if she had just gotten 100000 gold nuggets. Hi, people who probably don't read this story! This is the author. I am about to give up on this story thread. If no one else subscribes, gives an upvote, or leaves a comment in 3 weeks, I will delete this thread. I really hope that someone else other than me read this story. I loved this story, but if no one else wants to read this, then I will delete this thread.
I stared in horror at Cresselia. Her eyes seemed angrier than I had ever seen her like. Internal stood, her fists clenched, ready to attack. "Well, I finally found you, Darkrai." Cresselia growled. "I guess I couldn't continue hiding forever." I mumbled back once I was able to speak again. I then saw, to my horror, Internal rushing at Cresselia and using Ice Punch, the move that I had helped her learn. Cresselia was shocked at this action. "Why are you attacking me? I have come to rescue you!" she said, with a hint of venom in her (telepathic) voice. "I'll rather rot in the Distortion World than get helped by you!" Internal retorted. "Don't say that, Internal!" I cried out desperately, Cresselia's face became even more shocked for a moment, and her face contorted to become even more angry and her eyes were so cold that she could have used Sheer Cold with her eyes. A Raichu in the crowd that surrounded her, worshipped her, and would do her bidding used Thunder Wave on me so I could be slowed down. Cresselia looked at me and shouted "How could you have brainwashed this poor Pokemon?!". I Stared back and answered "I never brainwashed her. She is my friend.". Cresselia responded by beating me with an onslaught of Moonblasts, throwing me like a helpless doll against a tree with Psychic, (there was a Alakazam with Miracle Eye), but I fought with Dark Pulse after Dark Pulse after Dark Pulse. Even though I did damage Cresselia a bit, her sadistic grin only got wider and she started attacking Internal as I watched helplessly. I couldn't take a second of watching this and I felt an energy in my right arm as I cut through space, yelled "You will not hurt my friend!" and attacked the vile Pokemon (Cresselia).
Getting hit by Spacial Rend enraged Cresselia. She instantly tore her attention away from Internal and threw me into the dirt with Psychic. I landed facedown on something small and hard. I picked the thing up and held it close to my face, and I recognized it as the capsule Internal and I found a few weeks ago. I suddenly remembered that it was an Ability Capsule, something that could change a Pokemon's ability. I thought, What if I threw the capsule at Internal to change her ability from Synchronize to Trace so she could copy an ability? I thought it over a little more and realized that it was worth a shot. I raised my arm and shouted "Catch!". Internal, who was getting beat up by Cresselia, barely managed to raise her right are and grab the capsule. This, unfortunately for me, caught Cresselia's attention, and she had one of her henchmon, a Weavile, take care of Internal while she took me down. I watched Internal, and hoped that my gamble would not be in vain. Through the light of Cresselia's Moonblasts, I saw Internal battling the Weavile. The Weavile used Icicle Crash, and Internal flinched. But, to everyone's shock, when the Weavile was preparing for another Icicle Crash, Internal punched him with Fire Punch in the stomach. Wait a second, I thought. Was that a blue light from a pouch that Internal had ? I had a crazy idea and yelled to Internal "Grab your Dawn Stone!". Everyone looked at me like I was crazy (which I was, by the way), but Internal quickly pulled the Dawn Stone out from the grass-woven pouch. Just as expected, the rock was glowing (or it could just be my eyes deceiving me), and the blue glow enveloped Internal too. Her body grew taller, her arms longer and had blades on them, and when the blue light faded, I was no longer staring at a Kirlia that I knew well, but an extremely surprised Gallade.
Everyone froze. Internal (Well, I assumed it was Internal) stared at her arms, turned them to examine the blades, and blinked. She then attacked the Weavile that had been attacking her and slammed his face into the ground, and when he twitched, she hit him again and he didn't get up again. She then leaped at Cresselia, who was still beating me up, and hit her neck with Psycho Cut. I got up and I knew that Cresselia was folding under the damage inflicted by my Dark Pulse and Internal's Fire Punch. "Oh, you think you can defeat me? Not yet, scumbags!" she snarled and all her henchmon at once came storming at us. They knocked us off her and started attacking us all at once, from the biggest Snorlax to the smallest Caterpie, they all used their strongest moves. Everything was fading into darkness. I have been beaten badly by Cresselia and her worshippers, but this was on a whole new level. The last thing I saw before everything turned black was Internal getting punched in the gut with Thunder Punch. Something hit the back of my neck. "Ow!" I cried. I blinked a few times, thinking that everything that had happened was all a dream for a moment, until I noticed Internal. She was standing up and rubbing her head (Helmet? I have no clue on that thing Gallades have on their head) "Hey! You hit me on my neck!" I grumbled. "Oh, sorry!" Internal apologized. "I still don't know how to control the blades on my arms.". "By the way, Night," the Gallade started, "How did you know how to evolve me into a Gallade?". "Well, I didn't know, but my guess is that since the Ability Capsule had a dent, it malfunctioned a little and gave you a Gallade's ability. I guess that triggered the Dawn Stone, and made you evolve. Speaking of, are you still going to travel with me, Internal?" I replied. "Hmm, I see. And yes, I still plan to travel with you. You are my friend, after all." Internal said. "There is a problem, though. How are we going to defeat Cresselia? She and her army overpower us!". I sat there, munching on a Sitrus Berry, thinking. "I changed my plan to switch bodies, and I don't want to do that anymore." We were sitting and eating a pile of Sitrus Berries when I had an idea. "Internal, have you ever heard about evolution beyond evolution?" I mumbled through a mouthful of berries. Internal looked up and nodded. "I heard that Gallade is a Pokemon that can Mega Evolve. Do you know what that means?" I asked. Internal's eyes went wide and I nodded. "That's right. Let's go to the land of Mega Evolution."
"Whew! Glad that's over with." I said as I packed the last few items into 2 waterproof bags. "So, now that we have everything, let's swim t-" I started. "Uh, Night? The thing is that I can't swim well." Internal interrupted. I stared at the Gallade, then fell over. "You do realize that you could have mentioned that earlier, like WHEN WE AGREED TO SWIM TO KALOS!" I shouted, annoyed. Internal flinched at my yelling (but her ability, Steadfast, didn't activate, even though she flinched and couldn't move) and held her blades in front of me. "W-well, m-m-maybe there could be another way to s-swim to Kalos." Internal stuttered. "Well, I'm drawing a blank here, just saying. How would you swim to Kalos when you can't really swim?" I muttered. We tried to think of ways for Internal to get to Kalos, but most of the ideas involved money, but Internal and I didn't have a single Pokedollar. Plus, we might get caught in a Pokeball if we went to a Pokemart. A day later, we were sitting around, when I heard a loud noise. "Hey, Pokemon! If you defeat me, I'll give you a ride!" a loud voice roared. Internal decided to peek out of the bushes and see what was going on. A few minutes later, she exclaimed that an apparently "unbeatable" Sharpedo was offering a long ride if he was beaten. "Well, you should challenge that braggart. You could try to earn that free ride." I suggested. A few minutes later, when that Sharpedo had defeated a Garchomp, Internal stepped up and cleared her throat. "I would like to challenge you!" she said in a low voice (everyone would freak out if they found out that Internal was a female Gallade, so she had to disguise her voice). "Alright, then." the Sharpedo answered. "Take your place at the end of the battlefield.". "Ready?! FIGHT!" yelled a Feraligatr referee, and the match began.

Pages: 12

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