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Huzzah! Gest's Art Bizaaro <3/3>

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Gest's AvatarGest
Gest's Avatar

Welcome!//Rules and Such

Welcome to my new shop! I am very excited to once again offer art to my fellow PFQt's, hopefully regularly. The pace for this shop will be very much relaxed so that I don't become overwhelmed. I'm going to try my best to lay this shop out in a functional and easy way to navigate/order from! The most important link is probably my trell.o You can use this to see what I have to work on and updates on your order. I keep it updated with the latest version of the drawing available. RulesCredit Credit Credit. Credit my toyhou.se or credit me if using it on site. ›Subscribe!Patience. I am trying my best to get stuff done ›Deposits- You must send half of your payment upfront.
waived if I feel comfortable with you
Cancelling- Must be done before the sketch starts or your deposit will be lost. ›I reserve the right to decline orders for reasons including but not limited to: due to lack of experience with the subject, complexity, general discomfort, etc. ›Contact me through discord if you have any questions. My discord is Gest#8008 Will ›Pokemon ›Feral ›Fluffy/Furries ›Cute Stuff Can attempt ›Anthro ›Humans ›Wings ›Scales ›Realistic Won't ›PFQ Violations ›Full Mech

Payment Options

Items // 25 // 30 // 30 // 30 // 35 // 35 // 50 // 80 // 100 // 100 // 150 Feel free to ask about others! Pokemon Melans - Brights // Blues/Pinks/Purples/Teals - 2 / Others - Inquire Currency/Paypal 500k // 500 // 100 // 1 USD 15 USD minimum for Paypal


These will filter out depending what I'm focusing on, but will always have 3 options with various prices. I'm also still working on examples so please be patient with me.
  • Emotes
  • Double Stuff'd
  • Thins
2/3 available 300 /each Small emotes, primarily for use on discord! ›Tested in my server before delivery ›Simple/no shading ›can be cropped or uncropped ›Can order up to 5 per slot ›Still learning so these are a bit cheaper than they will be later ›Animation is not standard
Vixony An
Sassy Weewolf
2/3 available 500 A thicker lined, more simple style ›Light/no shading ›Simplistic ›Chibi like? ›Always fullbody
3/3 available 1500 ›Thin lines ›Lots of shading/highlights ›most detailed
**I'm going to be doing 3 slots for each style before swapping it to something else, just to keep it fresh. Slots (3/3) 1) 2) 3) Other Slots//Notes for myself 1) CelticCiara - Doodle Page and Fullbody (Sketched // Lining) 2) Mikestomp - Levi Redraw/Freemote - (Not started) These are just here until I move them to trell.o I work usually in order received, but might jump around if I'm feeling unmotivated.


[h3]<Put your greeting here>[/h3] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Style:[/b] [b]Character:[/b][url=]Linku name[/url] [b]Posing/Expression:[/b] Link or description [b]Notes:[/b] [b]Payment[/b]
skyward sword replay when credit
avatar//sig Gest ||| seakitty svetty
Gest's AvatarGest
Gest's Avatar

Regulars/Unredeemed Coupons

If you feel like I owe you something not listed here, feel free to post or PM. I can be forgetful.
  • Regulars
  • Unredeemed Coupons
None yet because just opened so no need to add rewards? fairfair
To use these, just fill out a form with what you are redeeming. It does not have to be currently available. Black Fire // Free emote

Coming soon

Adopt Shop with Svetty! Styles: Pixels Crayon lined Lineless
Gest's AvatarGest
Gest's Avatar

Classic Archive

heh no orders yet so I'm not making this nice
Gest's AvatarGest
Gest's Avatar

A Thank you

I just wanted to take a spot to genuinely thank the current and future patrons of my art. It means so so so so much to me when people enjoy my art and I enjoy seeing/drawing the variety of characters that roam these forums.
Gest's AvatarGest
Gest's Avatar
I think it's safe to declare this shop open~
SassyWeewolf's AvatarSassyWeewolf
SassyWeewolf's Avatar

Hey, Gest, take my money~ uwu

Username: SassyWeewolf Style: Double Stuff'd? o: Character: newest babu~ Posing/Expression: the famous dog head tilt? doesn't have to be in that exact position, haha Notes: Instead of the bandana, could I get this beanie? (yes, I nabbed the image from my old gaia online avatar orz - and here's the back just in case) It would still be the same white as the bandana, and where the fake ears are on the beanie, I would like to have his actual ears coming out instead. Please feel free to message me if you'd like a better clarification, and I can maybe attempt a terrible headsketch of him facing forward qwq Also let me know if that pose gives you issues, and I can give a couple of other options! Payment: ZC~ + a tip ofc <3
Avatar art was made by MewIchigo21, who was originally KakinoVulpix on PF1. proof | original image
Gest's AvatarGest
Gest's Avatar
Aaaa, how cute. I will add it in to the top post when I get off c: Thanks for stopping by, Weewolf! edit: If you see this,,, I made a card for it on trell.o and went ahead and did a quick sketch
Gest's AvatarGest
Gest's Avatar


Lemme know if I need to fix anything uwu

or if I missed any markings orz. Thank you so much for stopping by :D
SassyWeewolf's AvatarSassyWeewolf
SassyWeewolf's Avatar
Aaaaaaaa; he's so cute!!! ;W; I love ittttt <3 Like I genuinely cannot -- I love your art style. You did amazing, as always!
tyler's Avatartyler
tyler's Avatar

howdy howdy! <3

Username: tyler Style: emote Character:here Posing/Expression: could I get something where he's lurking, similar to your second example? :> Notes: I believe all the important info is listed in that link, but please ask if you have any questions. <3 Payment: I can pay in pure ZC, boxboxes, or a mix of the two. whatever you prefer!
icon/sig art by me

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