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Hopefully I can keep this up. I'm don't usually keep journals. I did try when I was little and still a smol dragon but I failed after like a day. I'll talk about alot of things, most of it being my family and sometimes vent about some stuff. If you're here reading it and rooting for me; thanks! And I hope you enjoy! Edit: I'm from Singapore sort of so if my sentences sound a little odd, just keep in mind that I learnt English on my own (its a long story). I also like to play games and watch anime and silly BOTW shenanigans on youtube. My husband is also a gamer. I like alot of pokemon but Rayquaza is special to me because my first ever completed pokemon game is Emerald and with it my favourite NPC in the game is Steven Stone. I will probably talk about this more as I get more familiar with journal writing. Edit 2: I have alot of thoughts and no friends (other than my dad and husband) so beware that I'll post alot and very often.
Abbie ◇ she/her ◇ Married ================== Hoards:
spicy mons
Jade Orbs
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9/5/2021 - - 1946/7:46PM I really want all of my stuff (ie.signature, site skin, forum template) to be shiny Mega Rayquaza based. But I don't really have the gp to commission someone to do it for me since I always spend it all on buying shinies mysterious purchases *sweats nervously* I did ask for a site skin here and I am using one of their free-to-use site skins so I'm fine for now. also I'm very patient with things like these I also asked my husband if he is willing to buy a years' worth of hypermode for me and he agreed but I'll have to wait for his salary to come in since money is abit tight atm. <<--- my husband, who finally evolved Also saw an art school for templates but I don't have the time for it. Fine with it though ^^_ 9/5/2021 - - 2028/8:28PM I just had my dinner. Earlier it was difficult to order any food delivery cause places are closing one after another. I got kinda frustrated and my son thought that I was being playful. Doing bbcode on PFQ has reminded me of when I was still in uni attending programming classes. I'm not that great at it but I can do the basic stuff. I'm typing all this on my phone and it feels odd
9/5/2021 - - 2049/8:49PM I shall use this template for this. I may complain about not having a Rayquaza template but this Cosmog one is really nice as well ^^ Anyway the credits for my stuff! Avatar drawn by SpicyPeach. My signature that I edited slightly by adding my own personal background. My shop template. My About Me template that I use in my profile.
That's probably all of it unless I use more templates that I found from browsing the forums.
9/5/2021 - - 2337/11:37PM I got my site skin ^^ I really love it and if anyone reads this, please check them out. They do such an amazing job. It'll probably be my last post for tonight. Kinda have to go to bed now ^^"
10/5/2021 - - 1053/10:53AM I got into a clan today! I feel like its gonna be really fun even though I'm really shy about strangers ^^ I also woke up at like 4am and just got about 2 hours worth of shut eye after putting my son to bed. He was being whiny. Forgot to mention in my clan post that my Vivillions and Flabebe have no specific berry preferences cause that just takes wayy too much time.. *sweats*
10/5/2021 - - 1439/2:39PM The more I use the forums on PFQ, the better I get at bbcode. Though sometimes I do need to refer to the guide cause I forget how to insert links into images. If anyone is wondering why do I type in such detail even in a short post is because I used to write alot. It was just horrible fanfiction that I submit to my high school teacher as homework but it was something I enjoyed doing. until my depression kicked in *coughs* I used to love doing alot of creative things like drawing and writing silly stuff that I never show to people. But then life happened and it made me stop. Now years later, it's hard for me to pick it back up. I really want to draw and open up an art shop on PFQ but like I said... it's difficult for me. I still enjoy art though ^^ Please don't be sad about the stuff I wrote. It happened a long time ago. tbh it's not that long but whatever Things like this happen to me alot and I've gotten used to it. Looking back at it, I'm just amazed that I'm still standing strong. Call it optimism if you will but I feel like it's a realistic viewpoint ^^ Also I'm tired so that's probably why I'm extra sappy today
。・:*:・゚’★☆Welcome to Albie's Hoard:☆★’゚・:*:・。
The Rayquaza that manages this uses the ratio of 5=5k=1. She is also bad at maths apparently so she will be staring at your gold for quite some time at an attempt to figure out how much does something cost.

About the Dragon hoarding it

As much as my status show that I'm online during most of the day, please keep in mind that I am a stay-at-home mother and I am usually afk or have fallen asleep while taking care of my son. Another note is that my timezone is GMT+8 and during the times that PFQ is active, I am usually asleep. Also I am quite new in handling a shop like this so please be patient with me! I have all but 2 brain cells dedicated to PFQ ^^


  1. All PFQ rules apply.
  2. Please remember to check my UFT fields if there is stock.
  3. First come, first served basis unless specified otherwise.
  4. Please be kind and understanding towards each other and myself.
  5. If you have a specific pokemon that you want to buy, please link it. I will not spend the extra time hunting it down for you.
  6. I have the right to decline any offer.
  7. Once an offer is made and agreed on, I will send you a trade. If you do not reply to my trade within 48 hours, your item/pokemon will be back on sale.
  8. Lastly, please subscribe to the thread. I will not hunt you down as I am very busy.
10/5/2021 - - 2143/9:43PM I found this Cosmog forum template just from digging around. like usual... I really like this as well cause it's very simple and pretty ^^ but I'll probably use the other one for my shop when I open it
13/5/2021 - - 1555/3:55PM Stuff to buy Albie:
  • leg massager
  • Pokemon Snap
  • some shorts
  • KnY manga
  • Steriliser
  • Induction cooker
  • food blender
  • Mattress and Pillows
  • socks
  • clothes
  • diaper cover
  • Furret
  • bibs
  • bites
  • puree food
  • bottles x4
  • Stitch plushie
  • boxers
  • socks

Pages: 123

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