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A day with Bulbasaur! (Finished)

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"Hello pokemons around the world! Today we're going to spend a day with Bulb!" Said Winter. Bulb the Bulbasaur seemed confused. "Who are you talking to?" Asked Bulb. "The audience!" Answered Winter. "W-what audience?" Bulb seemed more confused. "None of your bussiness! So what are you doing right now." Bulb remembered his chores. "Ah! I usually water my pecha berries every day." Said Bulb. Winter twitched his ears. "CAN I TRY A PECHA BERRY? PRETTY PLEASE!!!" Bulb nodded and grabbed a berry from his basket. Winter ate the pecha berry. "It's! Pretty average." Said Winter blankly. Bulb was shocked. "What did you mean by average!?!??!?" Yelled Bulb. Winter tried to avoid the question. "Ummmm, let's move on. What is your favorite food and drinks?" Bulb calmed down and thinked. "Hmmmm, I like pecha berries and pecha berry juice." Winter gasped. "Huh????? But pecha berries are too sweet!!" Said Winter as he hates pecha berries. "Oh yeah?" Asked Bulb. "Yes!" Bulb sighed. "But that's your prefernce. I like pecha berry and you ask me not yourself. "Oh yeah... Sorry for that." Said Winter. "No problem." Bulb forgave Winter. "So, this is the end! See you later pokemons around the world." Said Winter as he ate a pecha berry. "You know? Pecha berry isn't as bad as I thought." Said Winter as he finished the video.
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