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S: Various Shinies and Albinos for Cheap, LF: Currency

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MochaFox's AvatarMochaFox
MochaFox's Avatar
Hello there! I have way too many shinies sand albinos from various hunts, and would like to clean those fields out a tad. All my UFT fields are up at the front of my farm, and are set in lines for easy viewing. I do have the prices set in the field names. HOWEVER! Whatever it is listed as remove 25%. I'll have a chart below with their actual selling prices. If you are interested in any shinies or albinos please link them here for easy trading. c: If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. <3 Thank you for viewing!
Field Name Actual Price
65K Cr / 65 GP / 13 ZC / 3 Boxes 48K / 48 GP / 9 ZC / 2 Boxes
100K Cr / 100 GP / 20 ZC / 5 Boxes 75K Cr / 75 GP / 15 ZC / 3 Boxes
130K Cr / 130 GP / 26 ZC / 7 Boxes 97K Cr / 97 GP / 19 ZC / 5 Boxes
150K Cr / 150 GP / 30 ZC / 7 Boxes 112K Cr / 112 GP / 22 ZC / 5 Boxes
200K Cr / 200 GP / 40 ZC / 10 Boxes 150K Cr / 150 GP / 30 ZC / 7 Boxes
3 of 4 obtained
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Mikestomp's AvatarMikestomp
Mikestomp's Avatar
Hi id like to get 4 shiny and 4 albino smeargles of any gender and nature for gp ^^
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Devi's AvatarDevi
Devi's Avatar
Boop Boop Boop May I buy these sassy ones for zc please?
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MochaFox's AvatarMochaFox
MochaFox's Avatar
Yes to both! I'll start sending trades out
xSmoke's AvatarxSmoke
xSmoke's Avatar
May I have a Shiny Scorbunny, Meowth, Skiddo(the lvl 100 if possible), Smoochum, and Dreepy please? :> I think thats a total of 472k Credits?
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I would like to buy these for GP <3 x x x x
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MochaFox's AvatarMochaFox
MochaFox's Avatar
Yes to both c: I'll begin sending trades out
Sebfura's AvatarSebfura
Sebfura's Avatar
1 shiny caterpie,gogoat and meowth, and litwick I can pay in 61zc or gp if I don't have enough zc
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any shiny smoochum any albino smoochum let me know how much in gp or zc. unless it isnt included in the sale. if they are ill have two of each ☺️🙂

I have uft fields/ pwyw fields and free fields
MochaFox's AvatarMochaFox
MochaFox's Avatar
pardon my delay. Had some things to do c: I'll send you both trades

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