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Shiny odds

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HanaMochii's AvatarHanaMochii
HanaMochii's Avatar
So I just got my Pokeradar and I had a question I know the percentage but what are the odds at the long chain bonus? (ex=1/10) If you don't know the exact odds you could just estimate!!
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Mareep's AvatarMareep
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We can only estimate, since the base odds are kept secret. The reason for that is that a lot of people don't quite understand how odds work and would get extremely frustrated if 1/50 odds didn't give them a shiny every 50 eggs. I've never done a shiny hunt without HM, but the rough odds seem to be 1/500 - 1/700 for a 38+ chain. Sometimes you get more lucky and have a shorter chain, sometimes you have to hatch more eggs. The long chain bonus does not increase your shiny odds, but your chances to hatch a melanistic pokemon, so a pokemon that is both a shiny and an albino. The % you can see is the boost to your odds, not the odds itself. That means a boost of 10% does not mean 1/10 pokemon are melans. It means that if your chances of hatching a melan are 1/2,500, a 10% boost means 1.1/2,500 or 1/2,273. It is very rare for non-HM-users to hatch melans, but it does happen. With that little data it's really hard to give you a 1/X number, but it's probably in the 5-digit range
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HanaMochii's AvatarHanaMochii
HanaMochii's Avatar
Then thats gonna be hard, VERY hard Cause I'm too broke for HM ;-; Thank you for your response though :)

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