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Thal'io's AvatarThal'io
Thal'io's Avatar
So my special fields are getting too full, gonna try and sell some here. I got a variety of different pokemon uft, and yes you are allowed to do whatever you want with them when you buy them

5k ehp mon/prices

Prices:Shinies: 8zc,40gp,40k credits 4 boxes Albinos: 16zc,80gp.80k credits 8 boxes S:36 A:20 --- S:7 A:5 --- S:2 A:5 ---- S:0 A:1

5k exclusives and prices

Varients/exclusives: S:50zc,250gp,250kcredits A:100zc,500gp,500kcredits S:2 A:0 ---- S:0 A:3

6k ehp mons and prices

Shinies: 10zc, 50gp, 50k credits 5 boxes Albinos: 20zc, 100gp,100k credits 10 boxes S:0 A:4

Legends and prices

(prices Shiny: 200zc, 1,000gp,1,000,000 credits,3 box boxes, 3 random z crystals price albino: 400zc,2,000gp,2,000,000 credits, 6 box boxes, 6 random z crystals) S:8 A:11
Avatar is my Fursona Edmund drawn by Mochafox,Thal sprite by Animela
Nayrin's AvatarNayrin
Nayrin's Avatar
hi. I would like to buy the shiny passimian if possible. thank you!
++ Artwork by myself ++ ______________________________________________________ S. Eevee = 65gp/eqv. // A. Eevee = 105gp/eqv: My temp shop -> LINK 1 I also want to buy some Delta Eevees and Mewtwos etc... -> LINK 2
Thal'io's AvatarThal'io
Thal'io's Avatar
Yup yup I'll send a trade in just one sec.
Iokuma's AvatarIokuma
Iokuma's Avatar
hello i would like to buy this albino Azelf for 300 zc.
Thal'io's AvatarThal'io
Thal'io's Avatar
I'll send a trade now.
SñôW CâT's AvatarSñôW CâT
SñôW CâT's Avatar
Avatar made by Icymoon193
Aurora6's AvatarAurora6
Aurora6's Avatar
Could I get this?
Thal'io's AvatarThal'io
Thal'io's Avatar
Sent the trades c:
Roxion's AvatarRoxion
Roxion's Avatar
Thal'io's AvatarThal'io
Thal'io's Avatar
You sure may, I'll send them your way now c:

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