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LF Dexes/Eggdexes H: GP/ZC

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lisander's Avatarlisander
lisander's Avatar
Hi! I'm looking for the following dexes and I'll be paying 5GP or 1ZC per dex


Sylvally: dark, dragon, fighting, flying, ghost, ground, poison, psychic, rock, steel Zacian Crowned


Guild Igglybuff Apocalyptic Growlithe Death star voltorb Early bird natu Gligar Vampire Scaracrtoss Blue Moon Slugma Frosdour Snoralts Apocalyptic shroomish Numel Arctic Ryukuza MAgquaza Shinxel Apocalyptic golett Glileo Noismog
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i can dex all your mega's and the rat's as for the kyurem formes and necrozma formes those are only doable by you sadly they are not tradeable as i've found out XD
lisander's Avatarlisander
lisander's Avatar
@ghostly send them over! Thank you very much :3
gp is fine XD i think thats all atm sorry my celebi is in the contest atm XD i would be able top help witht he crowned zacian but i do not have one yet XD soz XD gl on the rest XD
Tredecim's AvatarTredecim
Tredecim's Avatar
I can do the rest of the silvally memories for 70 gp/equiv
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Sebfura's AvatarSebfura
Sebfura's Avatar
I can dex you mega celebi
Sprite edited by FrigidMellohi Made by: GnarleyQuinn
Mistyme's AvatarMistyme
Mistyme's Avatar
I can do all the eggdexes for 5gp per? ^^
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lisander's Avatarlisander
lisander's Avatar
Locking this while I contact everyone! :3

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