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Question about evolution trading

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Rawr Beezly's AvatarRawr Beezly
Rawr Beezly's Avatar
So I'm trying to reach 50 evolutions, and I had a question about pokemon who evolve by trading. First off, do the pokemon automatically evolve once traded, or is there a choice? And my second question is, if the pokemon automatically evolves once traded, which user would the website count as the one who evolved it, the trader or the recipient? If there's a choice to evolve once traded, which I assume there is based off of the mechanics of this site, then I'd assume that I can trade a pokemon to my friend, they can give it back, and I can evolve it, yeah? Thank you in advance!
Prometheus's AvatarPrometheus
Prometheus's Avatar
No the pokemon doesn’t automatically evolve, you still have to select the option of evolving it. So yes, you can trade it to a friend, they trade it back and then you can evolve it
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Rawr Beezly's AvatarRawr Beezly
Rawr Beezly's Avatar
Alright, thank you so much!

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