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Can you influence Legendary Natures?

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nerdofnerds's Avatarnerdofnerds
nerdofnerds's Avatar
Hello! It's been a while since I was last here, and I've forgotten some things while others have changed. I seem to recall a trick existing to influence the natures of hatched Legendaries for those hunting them, but not what it is. I searched on the wiki for a few minutes, but nothing seemed to come up. Does it still exist? If so, how can I use it? Thank you for any help, and for reading ^^
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Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
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From the wiki: (under "Nature Breeding") "While Legendaries are unbreedable, their natures at hatching can be manipulated. If a same-species hatched Legendary is placed in the party with an Everstone, about 50% of the Pokémon will have the holders nature."
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nerdofnerds's Avatarnerdofnerds
nerdofnerds's Avatar
Ohhhh, okay! It wasn't under "Nature" or any of the other hunting pages, so I didn't realise there was a page for nature breeding. Thank you!! :>

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