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Evolving eevee

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I wanted to evolve one of my Eevees to Sylveon, but I accidentally got her happiness to Max before giving her the Perfect Berries. Her Affection is full, but it's still showing me the Evolve to Espeon. I put her in a Fighting Field to try to get it down, but it's still at Max. Is there a quicker way to do this?
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
A fighting field will still make her happiness go up, since normal types like fighting fields! I beileve the only field type that normal types dislike are ghost? You can also trade her to someone and her happiness will reset to the default value! I don't believe her affection will change, but I could be mistaken.
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Oh. I thought they had to be in a Field in which they are weak against. Fighting is strong against Normal, so I thought that would make the happiness go down -_-
Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
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You'd think so, haha! But yeah, you need to look at the little hearts. I believe its all based on the offensive effectiveness of the type of the field. If the field's type is supereffective against another type, that second type is liked. (ex: fighting is supereffective against normal, so normal is liked) If the field's type is not very effective against another type, that second type is disliked. (ex: fighting is not very effective against poison, so poison is disliked) It's not the most, uh, intuitive thing ^^;;

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