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A Collection of Legends

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(A/N: so clarification. i wrote a story about legendary pokemon gijinkas, where their gijinka versions were only visible to other legendary pokemon. i haven't worked on it in forever, but i still like the concept, so hey, why not write about it when i have free time? also literally almost all of this is headcanons, so!! enjoy) "A long, long time ago, there existed nothing but a vast, empty darkness. Cold and inhospitable, yet somehow, life persisted in this harsh environment. With this came Arceus, a being of light, a being of power, in this massive void. Arceus was creative, and used what little resources he had to form his own universe, a place to call home. It was unstable, and anything he would create would fall apart. There was something missing, but Arceus couldn't figure out what. Then came the twin dragons of time and space, Arceus' oldest children. Dialga, the elder twin, would ensure that any creations would last for more than a fleeting moment. Palkia, the younger twin, would form space for the creations to reside in. With the help of his children, Arceus formed a universe, a home. All things need balance. As the twins grew older, Dialga's irresponsibility and Palkia's short temper proved problematic. Giratina came along to balance out the two, should conflict ever arise. Giratina, however, was shy and self-isolating. They were not entirely fit for this role, although they were still capable. Giratina did not take this well, but did not wish to argue with Arceus' judgement. This didn't make Giratina's reclusive nature any better, as they felt they were being replaced. As a result, Arceus created three more Legendary Pokemon." Another voice spoke. "You, Aunt Mesprit, and my parent. I get it.". "Yes, Victini, now let me continue," the older Legendary said. They cleared their throat, continuing the story. "Arceus created me, god of knowledge, Mesprit, god of emotion, and Azelf, god of willpower. If we worked together, the three of us could stop Palkia or Dialga's outbursts in their tracks. It helped that the three of us were inseparable. With the twins' help, Arceus created a planet, full of potential. Before starting his plan for the new planet, Arceus created Sinnoh, the first landmass on Earth, with the Spear Pillar in the middle. Arceus then created Xerneas to give life, Yveltal to take it, and Zygarde to balance the two. With this, Arceus populated this new Earth with a new Legendary Pokemon, Mew. The first mortal Legendary created. A Pokemon susceptible to mutation, allowing it to give rise to all the regular Pokemon you see now. Mesprit, Azelf, and I gave emotion, willpower, and knowledge respectively to these creatures. A conscience. It was around this time that the older Legendaries noticed something. Normally, Legendary Pokemon like us display humanoid forms to each other. We thought these were just how we looked, but upon seeing the regular Pokemon that the first few Mew had produced, we noticed we had Pokemon forms as well, since their obvious lack of a humanoid form rendered ours invisible around them. This was exciting news to us, though I know how commonplace that knowledge is for us nowadays." "Hey, you can do illusion things, right? Couldn't you make yourself look like your human form, anyway?" Victini asked. "Yes, I could. If I ever needed to resort to disguising myself as a human, I would choose a different appearance than this. This form would make my identity pretty obvious," Uxie replied. "That's fair. Can you keep going?" Victini said. Uxie nodded. "Before long, the processes of the new planet, Earth, formed three new Legendary Pokemon. Rayquaza, god of the skies, Kyogre, god of the seas, and Groudon, god of the land. Kyogre and Groudon, being direct opposites of each other, were argumentative and fought with each other frequently. Rayquaza could easily stop their fights, and so Kyogre and Groudon slept in their caverns, hoping to gain enough energy that Rayquaza wouldn't be able to stop them." "And it never works." "Nope. Not in the slightest. Rayquaza could wipe the floor with those two, and they know it, but they're too stubborn." "Kinda like Meloetta and I..." Victini commented. "Yes, and your 'impartial' Uncle Uxie here is very tired of breaking up your petty fights," Uxie said, a joking tone in their voice. "Impartial, yeah, yeah. Why doesn't Mesprit solve them? Like, god of emotion, isn't fixing emotional conflict their whole thing?" "You spend too much time around me. Yes, they totally could, but no, because I'm neither you nor Meloetta's parent, I have to be the one who intervenes, because, oh, they're not gonna think you're biased at all! Even though I clearly am," Uxie sighed. "Okay, anyway, let me continue." "That bias is towards me, riiight?" Victini asked, a sad puppy-dog look in their eyes. Uxie sighed, a smile clear as day on their face. "Mesprit's going to yell at me for saying this, but yes. Where was I? Ah, okay. Soon, Regigigas, on Arceus' instruction, towed Earth's continents, forming the regions you know today." "Regigigas has no human form, right?" "Jeez, I barely even started that tangent and you already have questions. No, it doesn't, because its body is entirely inorganic. Well, aside from the moss currently growing on it, I guess. Anyway. The shifting of the Earth's tectonic plates created Mt. Coronet around the Spear Pillar, as well as three lakes surrounding the mountain. Mesprit, Azelf, and I decided to take up residence in these lakes. I chose Lake Acuity to the north, Mesprit chose Lake Verity to the southwest, and Azelf chose Lake Valor to the southeast. This is why we're called the Lake Guardians. If anything threatened Sinnoh, we would rise from our lakes and guard Sinnoh with all we had. This next part is... Difficult for me to talk about. I was always the closest to Giratina, and their banishment was really hard on me when I was younger. But I understood Dad's reasons. Giratina had bottled up their emotions for so long that they had no clue how to healthily express them. So, their path was to expel their rage on innocents. Regular Pokemon who had done nothing wrong, didn't ask to die, and had nothing to do with Giratina's issues. Arceus disliked fighting and tried to calmly warn Giratina to not go down the path they were leading. Warning after warning was ignored. Giratina stopped using these innocent Pokemon as outlets for their rage, and started to attack them to see how those Pokemon would respond, like a Purrloin sadistically playing with its prey. This resulted in Arceus and Giratina fighting. Giratina was no match for their father, and with pure sorrow, Arceus banished Giratina to a dimension parallel to the one he created. One where time and space moved in irregular, alien patterns. The air difficult to breathe, plants growing in all sorts of wild patterns. Look, the Distortion World sucks. Yet, after all this time, after Arceus has forgiven Giratina for their actions, Giratina still refuses to leave." Victini gritted their teeth. "That's real heavy." "That's history for you," Uxie stated dryly. "So, what else? What about the Unova dragons?" Victini pressed. The gemstones on Uxie's body started to glow as they sensed something. The glow quickly stopped. "I'll have to tell you about that next time." Uxie's gaze was fixed on something behind Victini. The rabbit-like Legendary turned their head. Azelf stood calmly outside Acuity Cavern's entrance. "Dad!" Victini exclaimed, flying towards the cerulean Legendary Pokemon, hugging them. "Ahh, how've you been? Uxie bore you to death yet?" Azelf asked, tightly embracing the Fire-type. "The story was pretty cool, actually!" Victini answered, letting go. "Come on, let's get you back home," Azelf said. Victini nodded. The Pokemon of Willpower looked at Uxie as Victini flew out of the cavern. "Thanks for watching them." "You're welcome! Now get out of my lake," they demanded. "See ya." "Bye."
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i'm mike. it/its. credits | journal | art problems comic | art showcase (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ︵ ┻━┻ will buy these
Legendary Pokemon are divided amongst each other. It only makes sense. Different Legendary Pokemon have different parts to play. The deities, and the forces of nature. Some Legendary Pokemon can be both of the latter two, such as Alola's guardian deities. Deities and forces of nature do not conflict, and respect each other's roles. The two groups respect each other well enough. The same cannot be said for mortal Legendary Pokemon against the immortals. As one of the only mortal Legendary Pokemon, Mew are not seen as equals by their immortal counterparts, even despite Arceus' favoritism towards them. Only a few individual Mew still exist in the wild. Frustratingly, conservation efforts from humans prove difficult, as not only are Mew hard to find and contain in the first place, but humans have a difficult time understanding how their reproduction works. Oh, they've tried, time and time again. They recognize that Mew of either sex exist
A/N: not canonically
, but that is the extent of their progress. Most projects trying to conserve the New Species Pokemon have been abandoned. And curious enough, a Mew kitten appears deep within the Seafoam Islands. By all means, this Mew should not have survived, but fate had other plans. A passing Dewgong saw the Psychic-type's misfortune, and climbed out of the freezing water. As Ice-types, Dewgong are used to the cold, but their Seel pups are not. Dewgong will cuddle their young pups to keep them warm. This Dewgong recognized that this Mew was all alone, no other pups to pile onto, no mother to keep it warm, and took matters into their own hands. This was not without risk. Dewgong was in Articuno's den. The trespassing Sea Lion Pokemon feared what Articuno would do to them, but they did not think it was worth letting an infant Pokemon freeze to death. Unbeknownst to Dewgong, Articuno would take to this rare case of trespassing rather well. They are known for protecting those lost in the cold, after all. Articuno thanked Dewgong for their compassion, and the blue Legendary bird reluctantly called for their nestmates to assist. The three birds thought it was odd that the Mew kitten wasn't producing any human form. It was still a Legendary, wasn't it? Can mortal Legendaries not produce those forms? That couldn't be true, they've seen Mew with human forms before. It had been a while since any of them had even seen a Mew, though. Mew tended to flee from the Power Plant or Mt. Ember due to the human activity, and the Seafoam Islands are... Less than hospitable. At Zapdos' request, the birds' parent, Lugia, decided to pitch in and help. Lugia recognized that the kitten's lack of a human form was just a result of their age. Very young Legendaries cannot produce humanoid forms, as they aren't yet strong enough to. What Lugia didn't recognize was the odd purple pattern on this baby Mew. A strange patch of lilac, from its stomach to its tail. The rest of Mew's body was the same pink as usual. They figured this was nothing to worry about. Slight color variations were normal on mortal Pokemon. Lugia asked their children to only contact them further about this if help was genuinely needed. They were glad to help, but they were a busy Pokemon. A little while later, the Mew's human form started to show itself. The Legendary birds took this as a sign that Mew could start travelling between the three's territories. They, or rather, he'd stay at the Power Plant for a time, then Mt. Ember, then the Seafoam Islands again. Mew was happy with this, and he loved all three of his new caretakers, but he started having nightmares. He would describe a dark cavern-like place with a blurry pink figure surrounding him. The Legendary birds guessed that Mew's nightmares could be linked to where he originally came from. But his nightmares were getting worse with time.
14 years ago, two eggs were placed gently on the grass of a small, triangle-shaped island. Their mother carried them all this way in a desperate attempt to give the two a chance to escape the horrors at their homeland. She didn't realize exactly where she left them. She knew the place was deserted, and figured no harm would come to the little eggs once they hatched. She was only half correct. Birth Island was the only place on Earth that Deoxys could safely stay, and Rayquaza was adamant about such a thing. Had the mother Pokemon known, she would have chosen any other location. Deoxys was seen as a cruel, violent Pokemon who wanted to invade the land and sew destruction. Those eggs wouldn't have been safe sharing a home with that thing. Those perceptions are false. Deoxys was only antagonized because they were Rayquaza's opponent. Rayquaza, lord of the skies, a deity widely worshipped among the humans below. Rayquaza was rightfully trying to protect Earth, but they went too far. At the time, Deoxys was only a child who got too curious. Deoxys is immortal, but immortal Legendaries are not above harm. Were it not for Palkia herself personally intervening, Deoxys could have been seriously injured. Thus, Rayquaza relented, and gave Deoxys free reign over a small island in the Sevii archipelago. Birth Island. Never to travel anywhere else on Earth. Another Legendary, a similar age as Deoxys, took pity on them. While normally mischievous and fickle, with their favorite activity being putting an unexpected spin on their granted wishes, Jirachi still had a heart, not to mention an extreme disrespect of authority. Authority like Rayquaza. Jirachi offered to speak to Rayquaza, since the serpentine Legendary was rather fond of them, but Deoxys guessed that would probably make things worse. Jirachi stayed by Deoxys' side instead. As the two of them grew up, their friendship bloomed into a little bit more than that. Everything seemed perfect. Well, with a slight bump in the road when the two eggs showed up. "You okay, Deo?" Jirachi asked, floating down by Deoxys' side, not noticing what Deoxys was looking at. Deoxys gave no reply, still theorizing why any creature would nest here. "Oh..." Jirachi trailed off. "You get out more than me, what Pokemon are they?" Deoxys joked at their own expense, looking up at the Wish Pokemon. "Oh, man, this explains so much. I mean, regular Pokemon are terrified of you. But these aren't regular Pokemon." "Where is this going?" "So, you're gonna love this. They're Latias and Latios eggs." Jirachi looked at the eggs more closely. One egg was red with a blue triangle at the center, and the other had the same pattern with the colors inverted. "What?" "Yeah! Crazy, right?" "Why are you saying that so casually?!" "Deo-" "What are we supposed to do?" "Hey, calm down, calm down, we can handle it. They're safe here, because literally nobody but you lives here, they're gonna be fine." "Did I make my Grandpa mad somehow?" "Okay, no, I don't think these things are a punishment, and besides, Arceus loves you." "Nothing interesting ever happens on Birth Island. Nothing. And then something does. What if Rayquaza misunderstands the whole situtation? What if they think I was going to hurt--" This was answered with a swift slap in the face to bring the panicking Deoxys back to reality. "Point taken." "Sorry for hitting you." "It's okay. What do we do now?" "Wait for them to hatch, I guess." "How are you so calm about this?" "'Cause I'm tired." Jirachi sat down next to Deoxys. "Less than normal, though." Deoxys shot their partner a look of sympathy, then sighed and pulled Jirachi closer. "We'll figure it out. Don't worry too much," the Steel-type said, leaning against Deoxys. Time had passed. The new routine of watching the eggs was about to break, as small chirping noises could be heard from the crack in the red egg. Deoxys was the first to notice, and rushed to Jirachi's side. "Jirachi!" Deoxys called, gently placing a hand on their sleeping partner's shoulder. Jirachi groaned as they woke up. "Wake up! Look!" "What?" Jirachi asked, clearly reluctant to follow Deoxys' instruction. Deoxys grabbed their hand and led them to the two eggs. "Oh!" "What do we do?!" "Give them a bit of space, at least!" Jirachi smiled nervously, pulling Deoxys away from the eggs. Deoxys was all too eager to see the hatchlings. It only made sense, this might be the only opportunity Deoxys would ever get to see a new life. "Sorry!" "Don't be." The first one to hatch was the Latias. She was so eager to break out. Her first proper chirp was loud and exclamatory, like she was announcing her presence to this new world. Her brother hatched soon after. He barely made any damage to the shell, as if he couldn't bring himself to hurt it. The little hatchlings had one similarity, being elated to finally meet the voices they'd heard from inside their shells. As the little hatchlings grew, the differences between them and their caretakers were clear. Unlike Jirachi and Deoxys, Latias and Latios were not the only ones of their kind. Both found it odd to be called their species name, but they couldn't put a claw on why. Regardless, they eventually chose their own names. The Latias, Renée, and the Latios, Eric. It'd be an adjustment, but Deoxys and Jirachi were more than happy with making it. That was a few years ago. Nowadays, Renée and Eric loved travelling. It was in their blood, after all! They'd often take human forms that humans could really see, having learned how to speak through their hands rather than mouths, and would buy things to bring back to either Deoxys or Jirachi. Renée was typically the one to get the money for all these things. Oh, how useful invisibility was, especially when you were trying to take from unsuspecting trainers. Despite her brother's attempts at convincing her not to do so, Renée eventually stole something far more precious than a few hundred PokéDollars. The siblings made their way back to Birth Island. "Hey! Look what we found!" Renée called, holding something behind her back. Eric seemed a bit panicked. "What now?" Deoxys asked, a bit apprehensive about what it could be. The last time she said something like this, she brought back some poor Spoink's pearl. "Guess!" Renée could hardly contain her excitement, but tried to keep the act up. Eric secretly hoped Deoxys would guess correctly and chastize her for it. "Some poor Pokémon's body part?" Jirachi chimed in, giving Renée a cheeky look. "Not this time! Look at it!" Renée held out her hands, revealing a small rainbow stone. A Key stone. Jirachi lost any of their teasing tone. "I had nothing to do with it, I tried to stop her," Eric quickly explained. Deoxys didn't think much of it other than that the stone was pretty neat looking, but Jirachi looked concerned. "Where did you two get this?" Jirachi asked, fearing the answer. "We stole it," Renée said flatly, before her brother interjected. "She stole it! I had nothing to do with it!" Eric yelled. "From a Trainer?" Jirachi asked. "Where else? Wonder how it'd work if we got a Latiasite or Latiosite. I mean, could one of us use the Key stone if we illusioned ourselves to look like humans?" Renée thought about all the possibilities. What was Mega Evolving even like? She and Eric read about how their species were Pokémon capable of it. Then again, they did read that Mega Evolution was supposed to be painful. As Renée spoke, Deoxys realized what the stone was supposed to be. "Hand it over," Deoxys said, standing up. They kept their eyes locked on the ground as they held their hand out. As far as Deoxys was concerned, nothing good came from those things. Especially not when they were in the hands of a Legendary Pokémon, or those a Legendary Pokémon trusted. Renée looked at them with doubt. "I think you should listen to them," Eric suggested, his hand on his sister's shoulder. "Why? It's useless without a Mega Stone," Renée said. There was a piece of the puzzle that she missed, but was painfully clear to Deoxys. It was simply untrue. Not every Pokémon needed one. "Now." Deoxys' tone was cold. Renée sighed and gave the multi-colored stone to Deoxys. Deoxys walked off to the edge of the island, sitting over the cliffside. Renée didn't seem to understand why Deoxys was so angry, but she knew she did something wrong. Just not what it was. Jirachi felt an urge to go talk to them, but they knew the DNA Pokémon preferred being alone. Deoxys didn't care to hear the conversation anymore. They heard Jirachi's voice. "They're not mad at you, Renée, it's just..." Deoxys traced a finger along their face as Jirachi spoke. There was only one Pokémon that didn't need a Mega Stone to Mega Evolve. One that Deoxys didn't want to face again. "...memories they weren't ready to think about yet."

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