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Pokemon Daycare v.5 (RP Thread)

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Memphis didn't much like treasure hunting near the lake, he soon found. Every time he thought he saw something shine, it turned out to only be the sunlight glinting off of the water's surface. He didn't like getting his hopes up. Memphis jumped and let out a small yelp as he heard a voice coming from behind; he hadn't been able to hear anyone approaching over the sounds of the waterfall. Flustered, Memphis jerked himself around to see an eager-looking Kitsunari staring back at him from afar. It really didn't occur to Memphis that this stranger might try to eat him. Memphis was domesticated, after all, and knew very little of the wild Pokémon hierarchy. But the only reason he could think anyone would want to initiate a conversation with him would be to steal his jewelry, and that seemed a very dire threat to him. "What's it to you?" Memphis replied coolly, protectively pulling his wings close.
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Having stayed quiet during the whole exchange, Kakyoin was starting to think this little hotspot of activity wasn't going to be the best place to sit back and relax. This thought, however, brought up a new and unwelcome question. It looked like all the areas immediately nearby also had their goings-on. Deciding that the lake was quiet enough (he could definitely ignore the fox and bird's conversation, as long as they could ignore him), he shuffled through the tall flowers, trying to make as little a scene as possible.
Slowly lowering her front limb, Jorogumo took a closer look at this little creature. Its expression was hard to read, but she assumed the gem-thing was an eye. Which likely meant it had sustained some sort of injury in the past, given the bandage. It seemed unwilling (or unable?) to blink, and she wasn't going to be the one to break that trend- not that she could, anyways. Seeing as the purple-grey thing hadn't spoken up yet, she took it upon herself to start the conversation. "Hello there," she began, a few of her eyes looking around at the landscape. "I'm afraid I don't quite know the name of this place. Do you know where the appropriate information is kept?" Given the fact that the creature hadn't offered an introduction, she didn't think prying would get her anywhere yet.
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Poofs was pretty relieved that nobody had chosen to interact with her
//unless Jorogumo was talking to her
yet, despite having wandered around for a good few minutes. She lightly patted her chest as her heartbeat seemed a bit slow, which solved the problem quickly.
Simply deciding to stay alone for a bit, Poofs quietly walked over to the flowery hill, and since she was so focused on staying basically hidden that she held no regard for her safety in the moment. Mostly because she tripped up the hill and landed on her belly with a quiet squeak, but she covered her mouth with her paws. 'Oh no....did anybody hear me...?' She questioned in her mind.
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Starburst waited for the Zorua to walk away, and then he sighed. That went so badly. He realized that there weren't many Pokemon around the cabin now, but that was a good thing since he didn't really want to interact with anyone right now. He walked into the cabin, looking around. Aiko had done a nice job decorating the cabin. Aiko was about to start talking to Clover, but upon thinking she heard a squeak nearby she turned to see a Minccino. But at the moment she was trying to talk to Clover, so she just took note that they were there and turned back to Clover. She was bouncing a little from excitement. "hi clover! its also nice to meet you! and its fine!"
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Oh! Hearing the squeak, Clover seemed to jump in surprise. Then they saw the source of the sound, and got worried. Were they alright? Buut.. It'd be rude to walk off from a conversation, wouldn't it? "I'm... not very good at.. at talking verbally. Ssso I hope I'm not annoying." They stifled a semi-nervous laugh, relieved Aiko seemed so excited about talking to them instead of bored. "Dddo you think.. they're okay?" They pointed a scythe towards the Minccino.
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