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Ice Cold Echo

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Story made by: Fluferson Proof read by: Dragonpipe Echo: Echo shivered staring out into the icy place she was trapped in, as she breathed her breath came out looking like puffs of smoke. This icy place was a snow-frosted cave with a dull white color of ice around it in sharp, pointy icicles that dripped down from the top. Outside of the cave there was only a few small thin trees that covered the land. Small shrubs were scattered around the place with large, thick snow dusted on top of them. There was also glaciers depending on where you look. The cold air made her lungs hiss in pain as she breathed. As she looked around she saw a ghost-like figure, the only thing that made her notice it was not a ghost were the dark black spots, hiding behind some of the large piles of snow. Finally she noticed it was another Umbreon as they got closer to her she froze in her spot. Ice Moon: Ice Moon stretched and got up from his spot in the soft, cold snow. The air was cold and freezing but it was nice and comfortable to him. He breathed in a long, deep breath and sighed it out. He opened his blue eyes and heard the crunch of snow and turned his around to the sound and saw her; another Umbreon. One that was covered in snow and shivering. He walked over to her. She didn't look anything like him. He, unlike her, was an Umbreon and Glaceon mix. His fur was lighter than hers and his rings were dark grey-ish blue with blue 'fangs' inside of them. He tilted his head to the female and sniffed at her. His long feeler-like extenstions that formed from below his ears and rested on his shoulders to his fluffy chest. His long ears tilted up and over to the side as he tilted his head. "Are you alright?" He asked seeing how stiff she was. Echo: Echo stared at him blankly, she hadn't seen many other pokemon so she was scared. Terrified was more of the right word. Her small figure was in the snow trying not to move, trying to hide in the cold snow. Every second standing still hurt her more then the last. She finally gave up and looked at him, tears welled in her eyes, as she tried opening her mouth to speak. "Please don't h-hurt me!" she pleaded to him shakily, shivering and shaking from both the cold and the fear of him hurting her. Ice Moon: Ice Moon flinched when her small, trembling voice reached his ears. She wa terrified. Of him, no less. He bowed his head and looked at her. "It'll be alright. I will not hurt you." His voice was soft, calming, and as smooth as it usually was when he spoke to someone. Mostly himself, since no one wanted to even look at him and his weird body. "I promise." He laid down on the soft cold snow as his tail curled up besides him; scooping up snow in it's way. His rings glowed dimly when he laid down. Perhaps this would be better for her? He couldn't do this very often or for very long but it should help her calm down. He hoped what little he knew would be good for her to relax. I will make a part two once this gets 3 subscribers or 2 upvotes
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Nice story so far!
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thank you :)
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Part 2 Echo: Echo watched him anxiously as she sat down beside him. Her shaking stopped as her eyes lingered to watch him. Echo was still cold but just watched him. "I-I'm Echo.." She murmured. She twitched her ears: her small purple flower moving as she did. Echo's light purple rings let out a faint glow as she watched him curling her tail around her paws. Ice Moon: Ice Moon looked at her. She was so small compared to him. Her small body moving to the sound of quickened heartbeat and breathing. She was still terrified. "Are you okay?" He asked, turning a paw to hers. He then saw the flower, leaned over to her head, and gently blew on it to erase the soft gentle snow that covered hers and the flowers' body. He then lifted his head up and away from her as he let out a loud sneeze that echoed throughout the cave, making it echo quieter until it was gone from his ears. He look a deep breath again and exhaled a cold wind that would soon form more snow. He did this whenever he got warm and he felt like he was boiling. It's hot today. Why is it so hot? I don't like the heat.. His voice trailed on inside of his head. Echo: She flinched hearing the sneeze, she flicked her ears and watched him closely. She whinned, still scared her, her breaths still stung her lungs. She whinned worried. "I-I'm c-cold.." she murmured through her chattering of her teeth. She tried to act tough but the cold had warn her down, she just wanted to be warm again. Echo felt lucky she had not gotten sick yet but didn't dare say that. She twitched her tail anxiously watching him. Ice Moon: Ice Moon looked at her. "Nice to meet you Cold, my name's Ice Moon." He joked, trying to make her at least somewhat comfortable. He laughed nervously since he didn't know what she would think of him and his not-very-good jokes. He smiled a little and then bowed his head. "Please do not worry, it's not cold enough for you to freeze." He lowered his voice so she was the only one to hear him. I WILL MAKE A PART 3 IF THIS GETS 3 SUBS OR 4 UPVOTES
fluferson's Avatarfluferson
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bump ;w;
Noice story uwu
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