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What was your first summon?

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Me: “Welcome back Legacy, what do you have there?” Legacy: “Beh!” (Translation: “Box!”) Me: “Okay, let’s open it together then.” *begins to open* “Maybe we’ll get more accessor-“ *picks up sword* “Or this. Did you know this was in here?” Legacy: “Beh beh baa beh.” (Translation: So that’s why it was so heavy.) In conclusion, I have recieved my first summon item. And I can’t believe it - it’s the Rusted Sword 0_o Zacian is my favorite legendary and my first mainline game was Sword (long story). Maybe Zacian wants to stop the Eternatus I found in the shelter... Not sure if I’m going to use it yet because I’m shiny hunting Litwick. If I do summon Zacian I’ll just start my Applin hunt and move Litwick to future hunts. What was your first summon? Did you open it from a box or buy it? I’m curious how many people got summons without trying :thinking:
Alphias She/They avatar of my sona and partner by BlueberryOtter on TH Button by MochaFox. Image linked to thread!
disregarding lucky seals, i think it was a kagami! the lake guardians are my all-time favorite legendaries, so when i was pretty new to pfq, i was trying to fill up my sinnoh dex as quick as i could in order to unlock them.
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i'm mike. it/its. credits | journal | art problems comic | art showcase (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ︵ ┻━┻ will buy these
My first summon was a mew :D
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Celxstîîal's AvatarCelxstîîal
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first summon i obtained was thunder fang, first summon i actually summoned was zapdos (thunder feather) !
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hi there ! i'm claire and i'll buy ur tanzaku. i'll also buy ur love for bombies and dogcatwhat !! :0
my pms are: open for talk, closed for trades.
Celxstiial ! female (she/they ok!) asexually asexual type race score: 0 X3 obsessed
luvonox, dogcatwhat, bombies, and wqlff!
hover for twts
TIRED !! feral happy clingy sleepy and innit!
my carrd !
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Life Antler!
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my first Summon Item was a Diamond Crown, which I used to summon Diancie, my first Legendary in PokeFarm!
new to forums, still learning I like to talk about magical animals called Pokemon can get emotional easily but that's ok since I love you all anyway my icon is from Pokemon Cafe Mix btw! Such a cute game~
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Randomly in a box - Magma Stone (Heatran) Lucky Seal for 7 day HM - Gracidea Seed (shaymin) "Gifted" summon - Victory Medal (victini) Unlocked - Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno First summoned - Xerneas
💜 Hi, I'm Minty or Saiki! 💜
My Inbox is open. I also accept trade pms. (questions too.)
My profile picture was drawn by me for my use only! Have a nice day!
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My first summon obtained from a box was Victory Medal (Without a lucky seal), and my first summon I used was Gracidea Seed!
myst - she/her | they/them - umbreon fanatic shop || journal type race: 0 avatar made by me, sig by galladerox, permission here
RexReptor128's AvatarRexReptor128
RexReptor128's Avatar
My first summon was a origin sash (Mew) And I used it, but I have now sold it on
My first summmon was of course I kept it and got a mega stone recently that could mega evolve mew so it is now a
My Avatar was drawn by me there is no link cause it is hand drawn on paper and took a photo of it and shrunk it to the covered dimensions.

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