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Melan mon cost

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Vachilla404's AvatarVachilla404
Vachilla404's Avatar
Eeeeeeee another silly question from me. I've seen some people selling their mlems for ZC. I've got that 10240 or so egg costs approx. 10000 ZC. So I wanna find full melan price list or it's called. <w>
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Mareep's AvatarMareep
Mareep's Avatar
10k eggs don't cost 10k zc, that's way overpriced unless it's a delta as well. First off, please keep in mind that prices are never ever set and people can ask for more. That does not mean they are trying to trick you. These prices are most commonly used, but they are not the law. This is very important. Most people sell melans (aside from hard to hunt ones, like exclusives, variants, legendaries, ditto) for around dp price. That means they look at how many dp you can get for that mon and then use 1.5zc - 2zc per dp. 2zc is most common, 1.5zc is considered cheap. Here is a list of how many dp a pokemon gives. Multiply by 2 and you have a fair price. These prices are considered minimum though, so you'll often see prices higher than dp price. That's often the case when people don't want their melans to be used for delta points.
EXP Shiny Albino Melan
1,280 1 2 200
2,560 2 4 400
3,840 3 6 600
5,120 4 8 800
6,400 5 10 1,000
7,680 6 12 1,200
8,960 7 14 1,400
10,240 8 16 1,600
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Vachilla404's AvatarVachilla404
Vachilla404's Avatar
Hmm. Interesting enough. Tnx for answer!

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