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Mystic Meadows ~rp~

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fluferson's Avatarfluferson
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Echo looked over at them "hello, what is your name"
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They gave a soft smile. "I am Ellesira. This is the Mystic Meadows, yes?"
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fluferson's Avatarfluferson
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Echo nodded "my name is Echo, welcome to the Mystic Meadows, feel free to explore now"
Ellesira hummed. "Thank you." She set off into the forest, letting their senses roam around the area.
Angel: zzzzz Moon: *his ear twitched* Saki: *he smiled and gently licked her head and wrapped his tail around her* Dusty: *asleep* Star: *flying around* Cotton: *laying in the grass*
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Emo Emo squeaked as Saki wrapped his tail around her. She snuggled into his tail and purred.
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Angel: zzzz Moon: *he laid down and pawed at the ground* Saki: *he felt her snuggling his tail and he purred softly* Dusty: zzzzz Star: *she flew around and began to sing happily in a beautiful tone* Cotton: *her ear twitched and wondered if there were any other pokemon around that she would meet*
Ellesira moved through the forest. As they walked, they sensed a nearby stream. She sat to rest for a moment and observe the beautiful surroundings of the forest.

Pages: 123··· 243244245

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