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How does one “rent” a shiny charm?

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RevenantZer0's AvatarRevenantZer0
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Do we need our own boxes, or does the renter usually send those over too? I am asking mainly because I don’t want to accidentally use up someone’s shiny charm. (Only speaking hypothetically for now, nobody’s charm is in peril! :D)
Vaporeon26's AvatarVaporeon26
Vaporeon26's Avatar
some people do both aka renting out the box and charm but most of the time people just rent the charm itself i think This shop rents both https://pokefarm.com/forum/thread/171647/Delibird-s-Deft-Deliveries-Charm-Pass-Rental-CharmSwap
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Kahuna's AvatarKahuna
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Typically they will rent out both the box and the charm, and you will send back their box and the dead charm. Sometimes it will just be the box, and you will use your own charm. It's meant for people who want to hunt with full boosts but can't afford a charm box. If you already had your own box, you'd probably be able to afford your own charms too, as they're comparatively way less expensive.
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