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Umbreon x Sylveon Love Story

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This will be my first time trying to write something, but what can I say I love to entertain people! If you like it, I will make more parts! Chapter 1 It was just a peaceful day in the forest, pokemon were singing and the beedrill buzzing. Meanwhile, a young eevee was running from an angry beedrill. It seemed that eevee had stolen some of it's food accidentally. With a Pinap Berry in her mouth, the eevee continued to run from the beedrill, who was catching up to the eevee quickly.. Eventually, the eevee reached a dead end... and it seemed hopeless for the poor thing. The beedrill then rushes as her with a poision sting, only to be halted by a protect?? It appears a slightly older eevee had heard the commotion and decided to help the other eevee out. This one was a male eevee, though. The older eevee leaps into the air releasing a powerful swift and sending the beedrill packing. *The male runs to check on the other eevee* ???- Hey, are you ok? ???- Yes, thank you, but would you mind telling me who you are? *To be continued in Chapter 2* If people enjoy this, I will make a 2nd chapter!
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Alright, got a couple upvotes, good enough for me. Next chapter!! Chapter 2 ???- You may call me Dustie! I live in the forest! ???- Oh! That's neat! My name is Roselina! I just got here recently! Dustie- That's quite a unique name! Never heard it before! Roselina- Thank you! Dustie- Anyways, It seems like you stole food from the beedrill, I wouldn't do that. The beedrill are very sensititve about that! *he sighs* We should get you home! *Roselina nods and leads the way with Dustie following in the case that the beedrill returns* *10 minutes later* Dustie- Please be careful next time! Getting stung by a rogue beedrill is not a pleasant experience.... Roselina- How would you know? Dustie- Simple, because I have been stung by them- There's also a small change it will poison you. *he points out* *she nods understanding and slightly shivering of the thought* Dustin- Well, be careful out here! I am going back to my tree house for the night! *they both wave a paw goodbye for the day*
Wow, Chapter 3 got even more upvotes! Well, that settles it, it’s time for Chapter 3! Wouldn’t you say? *Roselina watches Dustie walk away for a minute before going inside and shutting the wooden door. She then proceeds to pour a blend of different berries into a wooden bowl before mixing the berries to create an ice berry blend for dinner* *She immediately chugs the blend after being worn out from the Beedrill* Roselina- I really need to be more careful.. If Dustie wasn’t here, that could have really hurt me. Perhaps it’s better to stick with the bushes when looking for fresh berries.... *she sighs holding an Eevee plush close to her as she lies down and curls up asleep* ..... *Dustie, meanwhile, is still on his way back to the treehouse* Dustie- What a day... Living out here isn’t as relaxing and laid back as I hoped for it to be.. *After walking another 10 minutes, he finally makes it to the tree before climbing up and entering the treehouse he built by paw* *he takes out a basket of berries and eats a few before putting the basket back on the wooden table* *he walks to his bedding drinking a little fresh water before curling up and falling asleep* I know this was a short chapter. This one was just dedicated to showing that they did after Dustie left. Sorry if I’m not the best storyteller!

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