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Digital Trades (Open) (Hunting: Cranidos)

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sauriel's Avatarsauriel
sauriel's Avatar
Digital Trades
Welcome to my shop, here I sell Megastones, Boxes, Evolution items, Gems, Form-Changing Items, and special Pokemon! Please look below for what is in stock.


1. All PFQ Rules apply Basic Rules, I don't need to go into details, as we all know them and should not break them anyway. If you do not know the rules, go read them! 2. I dont use passwords I really don't; but this also means I trust you! I trust you to read everything you need to. You are welcome to PM me if you have any questions! 3. You can haggle Feel free to haggle, I don’t know most of the prices by heart anyway, and you can offer something not listed! I am always welcome to accepting the type of Gem I need to hunt for someone else instead of my collected type, or accepting a Summon or a MegaStone. 4. I usually send the trades You don't need to subscribe, but I would prefer if you do in case something happens. I usually send the trades here, I also label them; please do not post to ask! 5. I'm open to PMs If you have any questions or you are too shy to post here, you can PM me! I usually reply quickly since I have no life.


Shiny Prices
100k CR100 GP30 ZC3 Med. Gems
Albino Prices
150k CR150 GP50 ZC5 Med. Gems
Exclusives are double normal price.
Shiny Cranidos
Albino Cranidos
* = Sale, 50 GP each All of these can be found in my UFT Field and extra information can be provided if requested.


Price: 80k CR/80 GP/10 ZC/2 Med. Gems each.


Price in...CreditsGoldPokeZophan
Current Stock
x20 x116 x26 x2
x3 x28 x0 x87
x3 x3 x1 x32
xNFT x2 x7 x11
x0 x18

Box Hunts

You will receive a trade when your order is ready. Partical Pick-Ups for larger orders
+21 Boxes
are allowed (but you must pay for what you pickup early).
Jikininki66/84240 ZC
Beemo0/84240 ZC
MauNum0/84240 ZC
KaiserMeowser0/84240 ZC
MarcusPeters20180/84240 ZC
Limit: 4 Boxboxes Base Price: 3 ZC per box Quick Boxbox Price table:
# of BoxboxesPrice
160 (-3 ZC)
2120 (-6 ZC)
3180 (-9 ZC)
4240 (-12 ZC)
Free-to-use code by Infernapefan2 | Background by Danieesketches@Tumblr
Check out some of my links below!
Code: Sauriel | Art: Xaandiir
Cyndalavosion's AvatarCyndalavosion
Cyndalavosion's Avatar
Hi there Infernape ^^ Love the shop, very pretty. I hope this is open 'X/ Anyways, 110gp and 10zc for your box and as many of any gems as possible? I am thinking maybe 40-50 gems... If you have that many.
Avatar made by BananaLizard
sauriel's Avatarsauriel
sauriel's Avatar
Definetly! And yes it is open :) I will send 1 trade where you pay me, then the rest in gifts. There's a lot of Gems e_e
Cyndalavosion's AvatarCyndalavosion
Cyndalavosion's Avatar
Indeed, but thank you! And do you want yiur pokes backs? Because I would like mine back please ^^
Ka's AvatarKa
Ka's Avatar
@Infernapefan2 hello~ do you have a female Apocalyptic Breloom available right now? if so, how much gp would you want for it?
Credit :
Coding by me, Fonts from dafont, Template by trashguts.
Art by me, Avatar by BlackandWhite202, Sprite by Animela.
sauriel's Avatarsauriel
sauriel's Avatar
Sorry Ka but my Apoc, Breloom is male
Neonmangle's AvatarNeonmangle
Neonmangle's Avatar
could i get the box for 5k?
artibre spirit ghost sprites made my lord magicarp
sauriel's Avatarsauriel
sauriel's Avatar
Sure. I will start doing Box Hunts when I get more Scouring stuff, but right now I cant afford it. I will send a trade.
Morzone's AvatarMorzone
Morzone's Avatar
Assuming 5k credits is the worth of a box, could I buy 4 boxes for 20K credits please?
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The Lemonade stand
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qwertypop's Avatarqwertypop
qwertypop's Avatar
Hello :3 200 GP for your Ruby Orb?

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