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PFQ Meme Thread -- REBOOT

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Drawn by me. Based off "This is fine" meme
Sakuya's AvatarSakuya
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"Holy crap Loïs, it's Doug from PokéFarm Q!" Permission to use Doug found here. Original template I edited this from is from Family Guy.
cendrillon / fairy / tessa my pronouns please, no random trades/spars! 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。 shopjournal forum avatar © morphoxiii @ tumblr signature GIF © pokémon crystal
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Original images from Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones notification bubble screenshot from PFQ edited by me
"I'll devote my body and soul to following after you, Mr. Edgeworth!"
Chicken 🌻 25 they/them Shop Journal Art Shop
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Star Wars Episode III : Attack of the clones
495 Ice Fangs before hunt starts
450 Gray Stones before hunt starts
Mass Click Association - Trade Shop - Art Shop - Guide to 90%+ Pairs
Signature by Cele, Avatar by Novie
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I want to bring this back from the old PFQ Meme Thread since I enjoyed the saga so much

QUOTE originally posted by Its me, I made this

Screencaps from Dexter's Lab: A Story. Edited using my avatar, Sally's avatar, and the Rus icon. I looked up this episode just to find this scene to make this comic cause hecc you, Sally. EDIT: This is relevant and you cannot convince me otherwise. EDIT 2: I've gotten Rus 3 times since posting this. Have this as it is relevant Screencaps from Dexter's Lab: A Story. Edited using my avatar, Niets's Staff avatar, and the Rus icon.
9 of 12 obtained
♥ Jacob Daniel born 7/17/18 ♥
CREDITS: Template: [✦] | Avatar: [✦] | Background: [✦]
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sorry for another repeat but i worked too hard on this for it to be lost forever 😤

QUOTE originally posted by Gumshoe


"pogchamp" emote from twitch, of Ryan "Gootecks" Gutierrez's face, red "bits" image from twitch, edited by me, melan hatching code from user DrWho]
MochaFox's AvatarMochaFox
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Me whenever I see a Melan - be it my own, someone else's, or in the hatching thread: Image courtesy of the Kung Fu Panda spin-off series, "Secrets of the Furious Five". also known as "Mmmm... Monke"
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QUOTE originally posted by Gumshoe

relevant again :^)

original images from spongebob squarepants drawn over + text added by me bonus bar sei/albino sigilyph/albino star sprites from pfq
Repeat after me meme from Friends
MegaSwinub's AvatarMegaSwinub
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We can all agree, this feeling will always haunt us! Image from the Pokemon Anime, with the red eyes added.
Avatar credit goes to Lvcipher! Whyn't go show their Pokemon some love?
Best Piggies Ever! (BPE)

Albeanos are the best!
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[image from Game of Thrones]

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