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PFQ Meme Thread -- REBOOT

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Drawn by me. Based off "This is fine" meme
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"Holy crap Loïs, it's Doug from PokéFarm Q!" Permission to use Doug found here. Original template I edited this from is from Family Guy.
cendrillon / fairy / tessa fae/she/they pronouns please, no random trades/spars! 。☆✼★━━━━━━━━━━━━★✼☆。 shopjournal forum avatar © fire emblem heroes + trans pride flag signature GIF © pokémon crystal
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Original images from Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones notification bubble screenshot from PFQ edited by me
"I'll devote my body and soul to following after you, Mr. Edgeworth!"
Chicken 🌻 24 they/them Shop Journal Art Shop
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Star Wars Episode III : Attack of the clones
496 Ice Fangs before hunt starts
450 Gray Stones before hunt starts
Mass Click Association - Trade Shop - Art Shop - Guide to 90%+ Pairs
Signature by Cele, Avatar by Novie
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I want to bring this back from the old PFQ Meme Thread since I enjoyed the saga so much

QUOTE originally posted by Its me, I made this

Screencaps from Dexter's Lab: A Story. Edited using my avatar, Sally's avatar, and the Rus icon. I looked up this episode just to find this scene to make this comic cause hecc you, Sally. EDIT: This is relevant and you cannot convince me otherwise. EDIT 2: I've gotten Rus 3 times since posting this. Have this as it is relevant Screencaps from Dexter's Lab: A Story. Edited using my avatar, Niets's Staff avatar, and the Rus icon.
1 of 4 obtained
♥ Jacob Daniel born 7/17/18 ♥
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Pages: 123

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