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PMD Explorers of Land and Sea

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RP setup The day was sunny on the Island of Akala as Braixen returned from a long night of sending out flyers for her guild. She was tired but thrilled for all of the new potential members that would be showing up, she plopped down and gave a happy sigh upon her grassy bed. "Today is gonna be great!" She looked out of the window and gave a grin towards her team partner before looking back towards a chest that was full of badges that were waiting to get new names of the new recruits. "I wonder who all is gonna join us today?"
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Ame found himself wondering around a new area he hasnt been in before. He was looking for something else to do other than constantly train for nothing. Noticing a flier stick out to him, he decided to give this guild thing a try. Issue was; he was incredibly nervous if he was even going to be accepted or not. But he decided to walk into the building the flier directed him to go to anyways. "Uhm,,, hello?" He said quietly, noticing the unknown Braixen and Decidueye being the only Pokemon inside.
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After some time, a few more individuals enter. There's a purrloin wearing a witch's hat, a pink fluffy gengar who is giggling slightly and a rather cool looking golbat wearing pointy black shades. Actually, he just looks kind of dorky. It seems like the gengar is giggling at him in fact. She quiets down when it looks like the purrloin is going to speak. He takes a bow and says; "Greetings! I am Fabian, the sorcerer. I saw your flyers around the island, and they piqued my interest so I have decided to make an appearance here. Joining a guild seems like an... interesting idea. Please, tell me more." The gengar watches silently, thinking to herself that this guy's kind of weird. Golbat leans against a wall letting them speak.
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A small, teal figure, being Marina, hopped into the Guild. She had only received a flyer earlier in the day, but she was encouraged by her family to join this place. Hopefully she would find a new experience here that would fill the slight loneliness in her heart. The Popplio was slightly timid about this experience, being tempted to turn back when the entrance only showed darkness, but she kept going until she found a group of other Pokemon, all of which probably less reluctant about this then she was. She looked down at her slightly tea paws, sighing before waiting at the back of the group but still overall being visible.
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Ame flinched at the sudden words coming from the new Pokemon that have entered the building. The fact that more and more Pokemon were showing up made him way more nervous than he already was, causing his twitching to quicken. Luckily he wasnt hitting anyone, knowing his flinching can sometimes get out of hand.
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"Hmm hmm mmm~ La la la~" came the low hum of a nameless tune that Madam Red started to hum as she made her way across the beach, her eyes gazing out into the crystal clear waters. Her eyes sparkled a little, reflecting the sun's rays from off the water's surface. "Ah~ This place truly is magical, darling. Look at the waters! The pokemon! I'm so glad that I left Kalos." She commented to herself, continuing to strut along before she felt something crumple under hew paws. She paused a moment, lifting her leg up, to see that a phamphlet from the guild had been ripped off and tossed aside. She tilted her head slightly before lowering her neck to look at it. "Braxien's guild? Hmm...Looks as if." She paused mid sentence and looked up, seeing the guild in the distance, "Ah! That must be the place, darling! Let's get going! Maybe they'll have some sort of smoothie place for me to stop being so hot." She said, gently fanning herself as best she could, "Isn't easy for a poodle in sunlight." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Hellooooooooooo everyone!" Echoed a voice as a rather flashy looking pokemon entered the guild, her head placed on her hand as she started to spin it like a basketball. She glanced around from her dizzy state before placing her head back on her body. She gave a hidden smile as she waved to everyone that she saw, "Greetings fellow pokemon! It is a pleasure to meet all of you! I'm Stéphane! I hope we all can be friends!" She started to hum a song as she lightly jumped up, doing some flips and tricks before landing on her hand, holding the pose for a moment before leaping back up, leaning against one of the nearby trees. "So...does anyone know what this guild thing is..? I'm pretty new to this world and I've never heard of something like this before! Will we be entertaining people?" She asked with a curious head tilt, stopping briefly so her head wouldn't roll of her body.
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"Hm..? Braixen." the calm and quiet voice of Decidueye seemed to whisper in a sultry, yet fatherly tone as he gently nudged Braixen as he heard the voices of several pokemon in the common area now. "Check out there." "Huh? oh, okay!" Braixen nodded before hopping up, shaking a few of the grass strands off of herself before walking out to see the menagerie of pokemon around. "Oh wow! Hello everyone! Are you all here for my guild?! That's amazing! Welcome welcome!" she chimed happily as she hopped a bit. "I'm glad you all made it to my guild of explorers! If any of you need anything before we start our first meeting, please go ahead and ask one of the vendors at their stalls behind you!" She chimed happily as a few more pokemon entered the area. Of the few pokemon that entered there was a Dragonair and a Shinx who was very eager to get started on her adventure. The Shinx saw the young Popplio and gave her a warm smile, waving a paw. "Hi there! You new here too? You excited for this guild too?" Outside a Chadelure was floating around when he happened to see a pokemon he wasn't familiar with. "Oh hello there my dear! You seem a little warm, what is a wonderfully groomed lady like yourself doing out here?"
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Marina was a bit startled by the sudden appearance. She managed to stop herself from flinching and replied. "Yeah, I guess I am. Admittedly a bit nervous though, but I'm sure I'll get over that quickly." Deep down, Marina was annoyed at herself. Was she intimidated by a type she was strong against? But they WERE one evolution stage above her, which was somewhat explainable.
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Grim floated up to the resort and looked around. "So this is the place...? Cool...." He floated into the common area.
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Ame decided to sit down quietly in one of the nearby seats as everyone chattered, all of this noise was giving him a headache. Was this really a good idea? Ame was already stressing out more than he usually does throughout each day. He snapped himself out of his thoughts, leaning his head on the cushioned seat as he tried to relax himself; he was visibly exhausted.

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