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The Shop of the Silver Sun! [Open!]

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Aquali's AvatarAquali
Aquali's Avatar

Welcome to The Shop of the Silver Sun!


The password isn't here keep looking! hmm is see more plusles and minuns below...
~ 1. ALL PFQ RULES APPLY 2. Subscribe so we don't have to find you, please! 3. REMEMBER to specify who you are buying from ex: @Sun or @Kala etc. 4. Please be patient. We have lives outside of this site. 5. If you have a certain amount of time you want the pokemon in, let me know! 6. Use the forms! (Exception being if you're using mobile) 7. Please be respectful. 8. Password is hidden somewhere in the rules. ^^ 9. Sometimes we'll ask you to send the trade, but most of the time, we'll send it. 10. We use the conversion of 1ZC= 5GP=5 11. READ THE RULES FROM THE PERSON YOU ARE ORDERING FROM ex: If you are ordering from me, read the rules for my part of the shop. ~
Password is PotD AND the password for the person you are ordering from

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Username Change! SunWaterIce -> Aquali
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Aquali's AvatarAquali
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Sun's Side!


Same rules as above! Just make sure you use the forms!
Password is in the post above. Keep looking!


Hunting Swirlix!
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None yet!
Aquali's AvatarAquali
Aquali's Avatar

Sun's Services


Some small dexing rules: ~Return the dexed pokemon within 5 minutes! ~If there is a payment send the payment with the dex pokemon back as a gift If you can see the pokemon in my field you can dex it. Dexing is 5gp for S/A pokemon each.(5kcr, 1zc equiv.) Non S/A Pokemon are free


[b]Sun, I would like to dex![/b] [b]The pokemon(s):[/b] [b]Link(s) to the pokemon(s):[/b] [b]Payment (if applicable):[/b]
No other services yet!
Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar
Shelter Hunts
Hello, Kala here! Welcome to my side of the shop! Here's where I do shelter hunts! Check my other posts for more ^^ Please read the rules before posting!


0. ALL PFQ RULES APPLY 1. Subscribe so I don't have to find you, please! 2. Please be patient
Password is your favorite musical/actor
. I have a life outside of this site. 3. If you have a certain amount of time you want the pokemon in, let me know! 4. Also, if you have a certain time you want it in and I don't get it in time, let me know if you want me to keep looking, or to cancel the order! 5. Use the form! (Exception being if you're using mobile) 6. PWYW but please, nothing under 5GP/equivalent. 7. If you request a legend, give me enough time to find it please! 8. Please be respectful. 9. Make sure we know who you're talking to! (@Aquali, @Kala) 10. Password is hidden somewhere in the rules ^^ 11. Sometimes I'll ask you to send the trade, but most of the time, I'll send it. 12. I use the conversion of 1ZC= 5GP=5kCr


If you are on the same Typerace team as me, you'll get your shelter hunt free :) April TR team: Water!


[centre][b]Kala, please hunt me some Pokemon![/b][/centre][b]Username:[/b] [b]Pokemon wanted:[/b] [b]How many:[/b] [b]Nature/Gender preference:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Amount of time you're willing to wait:[/b] [b]TR Team:[/b] [b]Are you Subscribed?[/b] [b]Other:[/b]
SLOTS 1. Cele-Post Note to self: Sent 3 Zangoose 2 Nuzleaf/Seedot 2. Aud.rey-Post 3. 4. 5.
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Im always open to RP! PM if interested!
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Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar
I also do dexing! Form below! This is Fate. He watches over this section of the shop. Any of my specials will cost 5GP/equiv. The rest is free. If you do this, please do not keep them longer than 10 minutes.

Dex form

I need this for my Pokédex! [B]Pokémon:[/b] [B]Is it a S/A/D?:[/b] [B]If S/A/D, payment:[/b] [B]Do you agree to the rules?:[/b]
Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar
Summon items- 60GP/Equiv


Mega Stones- 60GP/Equiv


Z-Crystals- 100GP/Equiv


Aquali's AvatarAquali
Aquali's Avatar
The shop is now open!
Congrats on opening, Kala and Sun! @Kala Can I grab your Raichunite Q for 60 gp, please? ^^
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Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar
Thanks, and sure thing! Sending trade ^^
Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
Glad.Silver's Avatar

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