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Layla's Shop [Evo Items/Gummis/Pairs/Misc.]

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POLL: (Multi. Choice) What should I [eventually] add to the shop?

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[Status: Open!]

Hi there, welcome! I don't have a good name for the shop yet, but regardless I hope you find what you're looking for!
also these two lovely dears are Ribbons and & Wuffels- they'll keep an eye on the shop while I'm not around (& to display what my skin/platforms look like for available pokemon! ^^)


  • PFQ rules & guidelines apply.
  • I'd recommend subscribing to the shop so you can get notified w/ replies & stuff- once your order goes through you're free to silence it or unsubscribe- whatever you wish.
  • I use the conversion rate of 5k/5/1(Mixed currency is perfectly alright with me!)

other accepted payment options

Scrap Metal
any med. gem
= 10k/10/2each
Relic Copper
Relic Silver
literally any box
any box = 30k/30/6each
Relic Gold
Cloned Sash, Viridian Epee, Gracidea Seed, Music Box, Soul Heart, Rusted Sword, Rusted Shield- planning to save up for future hunts! ^^
= 150k/150=30each (again- mixed currency is fine- whether it be a mix of site currency, a mix of these items, or a mix of both)
  • I have the right to decline any offers, whether they're fair or not.
  • I'll send out the items as soon as I can.
  • The pokemon I use to send them over with, unless otherwise stated, are yours to keep or do what you wish with them (and I'll guess the same with whatever is used to send the payment over unless stated otherwise)
  • For purchases regarding multiple pokemon and/or items, I'll send the first one as a regular trade where you'd send the currency; after that, the rest will be gifts.
  • Speaking of purchasing pokemon from this shop, please don't resell them.
  • Please keep in mind that I only have 5 trade slots at the moment- I plan to upgrade soon, but at the moment this is what I have, so depending on how large the order is I may or may not have to wait to send the rest until the first ones are successfully sent through
  • In regards to hunt slots, I'll send them to you once they've hatched as a normal trade, where you'd send the payment.
Layla/Sucrose || she/her type race: 0 My Shop avatar made by me! ^^
  • x
  • Evo. Stones
  • Evo. Items
  • Gummis
  • Special Evo. Items
  • Misc. Items
Click a tab, any tab! ..that was corny, I'm so sorry-
1000 credits/1GP Each
10 3 2 9 4 8 11 5 14 8 6
3000 credits/ 3GP Each
151821 151918 281917 201717 211518 212121 6111117
4000 credits/4GP Each (10k credits/10GP for any 3)
3 2 2 3 3 5 7 5 8 4 6 2 10 1 8 5 7 6
5000 credits/5GP each
20 14 18 20 17 20 19
1x- 60gp or swap for another dex summon item

90%+ Pairs for Sale

  • x
  • Rules & Prices
  • Available Pairs
Click a tab, any tab! ..alright I'll stop-
Alright, quick set of rules: - for now I'm not making custom pairs- these are just whatever I've come up with while messing around with daycare selections - feel free to do what you wish with them- breed them, gift them to a friend who needs a pair, whatever - chances are, most, if not all pairs won't have the same natures/prefs Prices: 90-94% pairs: 30k/30/6 95-99% pairs: 35k/35/7
Available Pairs:


90% - Bashful/Any x Modest/Dry 93% - Hardy/Any x Careful/Bitter 93% - Naughty/Spicy x Quiet/Dry 93% - Naive/Sweet x Lax/Sour 94% - Quirky/Any x Impish/Sour


97% - Quiet/Dry x Gentle/Bitter 98% - Modest/Dry x Jolly/Sweet 98% - Naughty/Spicy x Sassy/Bitter 98% - Naughty/Spicy x Careful/Bitter 99% - Careful/Bitter x Docile/Any

RTE Scatterbug!

For my now-finished (and failed ;-;) albino/melan Scatterbug hunt, I've gained a lot of regular hatches. Unfortunately I wonder-traded away a good chunk of them. The others I have, howver, I've been levelling up but not evolving, so they're ready for when I can upgrade my bug gemwish badge. I've got quite a bit (55 left), so I figured some of y'all may want some ^^
-Genders & natures will be randomized -They're all lvl 12+, so they can be evolved into Spewpa & Vivillon - 3k/3 each - Natures/patterns are randomized, but if you're looking for a specific gender lmk! - Current Stock: 80/80
bump time-
bump go brrr
MelonCrusher's AvatarMelonCrusher
MelonCrusher's Avatar
Could I buy all your misc items please? would 100gp be good?

QUOTE originally posted by MelonCrusher

Could I buy all your misc items please? would 100gp be good?
Okie dokie! I'll send 'em over right now ^^
Could I buy one fire stone and one moon stone for 4,000CR
My shop!
Gray Stone

Gray Stone

Summon Item

(: 0)

A stone that seems to be incomplete and looking to fill itself with ideals or truth. It is icy to the touch. It is capable of summoning the Legendary Pokémon Kyurem.

View/use Summon Items


Lv. 90 — 26,046 / 26,870
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Any food
Happiness MAX
Docile nature
I made my avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Mystical Trainer

Could I buy one fire stone and one moon stone for 4,000CR
Of course ^^ I'll send 'em over!

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