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A Trainer's Journey [Part 1 and Part 2(UNFINISHED)]

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Ihavedisney's AvatarIhavedisney
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A Trainer's Journey (Part 1)

It was Quinn’s (that’s going to be me) 10th Birthday and it was time for her to get her Pokémon. She had set an alarm clock that went off at 6:30 AM so she could be ready to get her Pokémon from Professor Oak before there were none left. She climbed down her loft bed and opened her closet. She looked around the closet. She found a nice shirt and some shorts and put them on, putting her PJs into her hamper. She then left her room, leaving the door cracked open a little bit, about the width of her Yamper. She went downstairs to see Quintin, her little brother, playing video games with Yamper on his lap in the living room. There was a rule set, “No video games before 9:00.” Quintin had broken this rule many times, and Quinn snitched on him. This time, she needed to get out the door before 7:30. She made a bowl of cereal and ate it as fast as she could without spilling anything. She could hear Quintin stamping his feet on the ground saying “No fair! No fair!” Yamper had dashed out of the room because it was really loud. He was hiding under the kitchen table. Quinn poured some of Yamper’s favorite kibble and went out the door with one of her mom’s old bag that had to be patched up numerous times. It had usually been patched up by print patterns, like pink stars and blue Pokeballs. She made her way down the dirt path to get to Professor Oak’s Lab. She had knocked lightly on the door, being greeted by one of Professor Oak’s assistants. She gestured to her to go down the hall to where the Pokeballs would be, as well as Professor Oak. Quinn did as she was told and found Professor Oak sitting in front of his computer, reading an article about a Pokémon theory. Quinn didn’t want to scare him and just said “Uhm.. hello?” in the voice that she tried to make that sounded like “I’ve been awake for 2 hours!” Professor Oak didn’t seem startled at all and turned around in his Swiss Chair. “Hello, Quinn!” Quinn smiled and replied with “Good morning, Professor!” Professor Oak smiled brightly and clapped his hands together. “I assume you are here to get a Pokémon?” Quinn nodded her head. “Well as you know, we have Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle.” Quinn knew this, and nodded her head again. “But now we have a new Pokémon to be added!” Quinn looked at Professor Oak and asked politely “May I know what this Pokémon is?” Professor Oak smiled brightly again and said in a beaming voice “Of course!” He took out a Pokéball with a lightning bolt on it and let the Pokémon out. Sure enough, there was a Pichu. Quinn immediately knew she wanted it and said “Can I have this one?” Professor Oak nodded his head and smiled, while Quinn picked the Pichu up. She said to the Pichu “We’ll be best friends!”
(under construction, little snippets will be appeared every now and then)

A Trainer's Journey (Part 2)

A few hours after she had got her Pokémon and everything sorted out, she went back home to pick up some food, clothes, her toothbrush and toothpaste, a lot of Pokéball and a lot of Yen. (that's the Pokémon currency.) She then let Pichu out and named it Sparky. She looked down at it and smiled. "Are you ready?" Sparky jumped up and down excitedly. Quinn laughed and picked it up, putting it on her shoulder. She got to Route 2, she hadn't caught any Pokémon YET. She tried dancing around a patch of grass to avoid a battle. But then.. she stepped on a Skwovet's tail. "GAH!" She picked her foot up, and the angry Skwovet fired a tackle at Quinn. "Sparky! Use Static!" The Pichu nodded and conjured some electricity, right at the Skwovet. "PIIIIIIIIIII CHUUUU!" Sparky squeaked happily, as the Skwovet had fallen down. Quinn got up to her knees, brushed her legs off, and threw a Pokéball at the Skwovet. Ring.. Ring.. Da-Dading! She took out her PokéDex. The PokéDex turned on and said this, "Skwovet has successfully been added to your PokéDex. Skwovet, the squirrel Pokémon! Skwovet is a Normal type Pokémon introduced in Generation 8. It is known as the Cheeky Pokémon. It evolves into Greedent." Quinn smiled, as Sparky happily bounced around, squeaking. "Sparky, we did it! We caught our first Pokémon!" Quinn exclaimed. Sparky looked up at her and tilted his head. "Pichu?" It said, confused. "We caught a new friend!" She said, as the Pichu's eyes lit up. It looked like it was saying "Ohhhh." But it was just saying "Chuuuuu." Author's note: I HAVE NOT completed this Part, so please don't go rattling on about that.
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I like your story!Nice job!
Score: 242
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QUOTE originally posted by Boltundcharge

I like your story!Nice job!
Grasslovania's AvatarGrasslovania
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Cool story!
“Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with all their favorites.”
Ihavedisney's AvatarIhavedisney
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QUOTE originally posted by Grasslovania

Cool story!
Dragonpipe's AvatarDragonpipe
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I agree with both of them. It's a very good story! Please make more
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Its so pretty Disney! :D
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Suicune Lover's AvatarSuicune Lover
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Really good story. Hope they'll be a part 2!
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Ihavedisney's AvatarIhavedisney
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Annoucement! I'm making a PART 2!!!
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Late reply but.. •Happy screech •

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