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Leon's PWYW Art and Adopts (4/4 filled)

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Leon Albertus's AvatarLeon Albertus
Leon Albertus's Avatar
Welcome to Leon's PWYW Art Shop

  • News
  • Commissions (+freebies!) (4/4 On-site)(4/- offsite)
  • Avalible adopts (0)
  • Gotcha Adopts info
  • April's Commissions (plus redraws!)
  • April's Adopts
  • Freebies
  • Crediting art
  • Past vs present art! (Updated March)
  • Other art shops! Check them out ^^
  • Music to listen to while you wait ^^
Hello! I'm Luna! I'll inform you of shop changes and any news! - *New!: changing slots from 10 to 6. 10 just sending up being a lot when combined with the extra offsites that have been coming through. Piece number will remain the same. I'll be adding to my mid month break by including August. So I'll be off from August to September and will return October. Shop will be reorganized during that time and fall/Halloween adopts will be made. Maybe from free Halloween icons too if I feel ambitious enough. - Need to get ahold of me? You can find me at any of these locations ^^

Offsite spots

Discord: Leon12. - Toyhouse: Leo_lion2 - Deviantart: Wolfgirltk - Instagram: Leo.the.albino.lion12
March starts our 3rd year anniversary! Can't wait to see what art I make you all this year ^^. (2/27/24) Shop will reopen March 2nd at 00:00 server time! (Opening has been delayed a day due to work so see everyone Saturday!) - I work during the day and am mostly free at night (early evening-midnight pokefarm time) please be patient I'm doing my best to get through art at a steady pace! Weekends tend to be the busiest for me right now ^^'. (1/10/24) Shop is officially closed! I'll be making updates to the shop so please be sure to come and check things out!
Howdy, I'm Leon! I make all the art here, please press any of the tabs below before making your order ^^.


*Slots will not re-open once filled, till all slots are finished! (won't go into effect till all slots are filled)

piece limits

There are limits to certain pieces now. In an order you can have... 1 Pokemon mystery dungeon portrait sheet (With up to 6 extra icons of personalized icons) - 2 Reference sheets (Does not included edited versions like adding clothes or color swaps. Does include alternate forms that require a redraw.) - Extras: You can get 6 extra icons of your choice on icon sheets for free. Any more will cost 1,000 credits or 10gp per icon) - You can get a total of 6 characters per drawing any extra will cost 100,000 credits or 100gp per character. - March-August 3 total pieces per order! this includes Gatcha adopts! October-December: 5 total pieces per order, this also includes gatcha adopts. Shop will be closed for a long break September, and January-February

What can i draw for you

I can draw: Animals (realistic and cartoony) Anthros Humans? Tentatively... please see or ask for examples first. Some animatronic forms. Please ask for examples first. Pokemon Some digimon.

Payment (updated)

I accept various types of payment to fit anyone's budget! here is the absolutely least amount I'll accept for anything in my shop

Ingame Currency

Anthros/PMD icon sheets Detailed reference sheets:50 zc/250 gp/250,000 credits - regular art and flat color reference sheets: 25zc/150 gp/150,000 credits Flat color: 10zc/50gp/50,000 credits - sketch/line art: 5zc/25 gp/25,000 credits Other site currency: Pokeheros Detailed Anthros/PMD icon sheets/detailed reference sheets: 75,000 pokedollars/50 nuggets - Regular art/reference sheets: 37,500 pokedollars/25 nuggets - Flat color: pokedollars: 15,000 pokedollars/10 nuggets - Sketch/lineart: 7,500 pokedollars/5 nuggets


I use PayPal and Ko-fi! https://ko-fi.com/leonalbertus - Sketches and icons (250 x 250 px) 2 usd - Flat color/Headshots (300px +) Feral/animalistic: 5 usd Anthro/humanoid: 7 usd - Detailed Feral/animalistic: 10 usd Anthro/humanoid: 15 usd - Reference sheets/icon sheets Feral/animalistic: 12 usd Anthro/humanoid: 15 usd Detailed: 18 usd Icon sheets: 20 usd

Alternate payments (updated)

Items accepted: -

Custom sprites

No chocolate meowstics i have so many already ^^', no holiday sprites unless specified below. Cele's sprites are valued the same art wise. Looking for: *any of the magikarps CATS espurr *pikachu *User referal sprites *2023 halloween sprites (no scarabug mimikyu) *shiny and regular illumise *smeargle (unless i see one of the art contest and try and enter ^^)
-(any box!) - (any size, any type) -/(any type/any level) -(any summons okay, mostly looking for gimmighoul coins) -(current tourney) -/(any!) -(any type of delta voucher!) Shiny/Albino pokemon: 1 equal to 2 pieces of art, legend equal to 4 art pieces (any shinies/albinos except minior!) *Vivillions that I currently don't own will nab you 3 guaranteed*

Need these vivillion!

Shiny - Albino
- Melan: will covered all 5 pieces (if you just want a few rather than all five this will cover future purchases too until all five drawings have been used) *melan legendary will cover a total of 10 pieces of your choice. and will be in effect until all 10 pieces have been drawn. (Melan scatterbugs-vivillions and miniors also under this deal! (Excludes Ocean i want to get that one myself)
Art trades: I have a variety of human/animal/pokemon characters i would love art for, one drawing for one drawing (unless more than one character is in drawing)

Characters you can choose from:

Freebie form (0 waiting)

Want to get some updated art? I'll be taking orders for any of my old art pieces from 2020-2022.


What you'll need. If you were not the original owner of the art piece in question ill need proof that the piece is now indeed yours. Toyhouse is easy enough as the piece should still be under my name. Picture proof is best though. - Let me know if you want anything changed in the process! - Ill be accepting 2 pieces per order. - Freebies art pieces will be accepted from March to the end of April. - Unlimited slots! But please be patient I'll be doing this in order alongside commissions. So if you order both regular art and redraws, the redraw may be done at a later date than your commission.


Hey Leon, update my art! Link or image of art piece(s): Proof of ownership (if your still the owner let me know instead): Any specific changes?(be as detailed as you want ^^):

List (check commissions wait list to see place in line)

1. Open!

Finished redraws!

On site commission slots (4/4 filled)

Slots will not reopen till all people have been finished. - *FTU Baits do not count towards slot counts nor commissions, they are just on there so I don't forget* OS slots do not count towards onsite commission slots. That is just there to show when the offsite person is up. - March-August: 10 slots, 3 pieces per slot! October-December: 6 slots, 5 pieces per slot! Any requests using PFQ currency (on-site or offsite) *key: OS: offsite, AT: Art trade, B: ftu bait request, OH: on hold, T: ticket holder, RD: redraw OH. BrothyBear OS. Haruxbun (PH) OS. CrypticDoomCookie (PH) OS. Snowquil (PH) OS. Git_it (kofi) 1. Krypticwolf 2. Avatheaxolotyl 3. Doomcookie 4. Zela -
inform for slot reopening Foxzebra Haru (discord) Iceland -

Off site commission slots (4/6 filled)

Any requests using USD, Ovi credits (ovipets) or pokedollars/nuggets (Pokeheros) (let me know ahead of time so I can put you in the right slot!) 1. Haruxbun (PH) 2. CrypticDoomCookie 3. Snowquil (PH) 4. Git it (kofi) 5. CLOSED 6. CLOSED

Waiting on payment/approval



Almost all examples can be found here!


A lot of these are a few years old. Anything watermarked were made for other people recently.

Easy gifs

These gifs are on the easier size to animate and cost the same as regular art

Slightly more difficult gifs

These gifs require more frames/more movement, ect. That makes them a bit more time consuming. They cost the same amount as Anthro art.

difficult gifs

These have a lot of frames and can have issues when put through a gif maker. These are NOT an available option unless I take it on as a stand alone project. Cost not yet figured out.

Flash warning!

⚠️⚠️⚠️Flash Warning ⚠️⚠️⚠️


Full body

Reference Sheets

Regular flat color - Detailed

MD Portrait sheets



Backgrounded stuff

Styles you can choose from!

Black outline (this is what I usually do) - colored outline - Flat color - Sanrio style 1 (can be shaded if requested) - Sanrio style 2 (can also be shaded if requested) - Lineless - Bluey! (These are not traced, I just try and replicate the style the best I can ^^) (characters without watermarks are mine, please do not use)
Hey ya, I'm Alfred I run the adopt section. - So your looking to adopt huh? Well take a look below and let me know what you'd like. Be sure to read rules first in regards to adoption limit and what you can do with your newly acquired adopt.

The Do's and Don't's (and other rules)

*You can adopt up to 2 pieces each day (PfQ time) (exceptions being full lines of 3+ which can be adopted together but use up both adopt slots for the day) - *You can gift away, trade or sell adopts you've bought. (Do not change credit for original art piece, always provide credit for character) Do NOT sell for more than you bought it for unless more art is added. - *You can change how the design looks to fit your needs as long as the original design credit still goes to me. - *Yes you can use any of my designs you've gotten from me for art fights, and other art related activities! - *No you may not make money off my designs in the form of commercialized products, including but not limited to... shirts, mugs, plushies, ect. for yourself is fine, not to sell to everyone else!* - *And always provide credit for the art pieces you own or share with others whether it's yours or not! (art theft is easy, keep your pieces safe ^^) - Past examples can be found HERE
These (3+ line) pokemon can be adopted together (uses both adoption slots) : none at this time - Adopts are not avalible yet, please wait till March.

Hyprids (0 Available)


Retypes (0 Available)


Other (0 Available)


Non Pokemon (0 avalible)

Anything not pokemon related will be sent here examples being OCs, digimon and stuff like that. - None
Yes I also run the gatcha center. Choose your machine, put your coins in and turn the knob. Or check out some of our pre-made adopts, once they are gone though you may have to wait till next break to see more. - All past gatcha adopts examples can be found HERE -

What are Gatcha Adopts

Gatcha adopts are a bit more versatile. You can pick your theme, pokemon, Fusion, etc. However you won't see any wips, only the ending preview image. ~~ We now offer pokemon gatchas and non pokemon gatchas! Be sure to check both tabs below and select the right form. ~~ You can ask for changes for the finished image! Colors swaps or small changes to the lineart are free of charge. ~~ If you don't like what I made you can turn the crank again and I'll make a new one for 10gp or 10,000 credits If your paying with USD no reroll fee is needed. Prices are pwyw starting the same as regular art (see commissions tab) ~~ Gatcha Adopts that aren't taken will be put up for adoption in shop! Ones that are considered spoiler pokemon will have a sign saying 'pm to see'.

Some past gatcha examples

prompt: Chinese Dragon - Prompt: Winter - Prompt: Song based - Prompt: Swirlix - Prompt: Monsterous Nightmare fusion

Gatcha Adopt form

Hey Alfred! let's turn that crank! Choose your theme and/or pokemon: Payment:

Non Pokemon Gatchas

So your interested in something else are ya? Not a problem, starting this year we are now offering other adopts! These follow the same guidelines as the pokemon gatchas.

Non pokemon gatcha form

Hey Alfred! I want something different... Choose your Fandom (if applicable): Choose your theme and/or character(s): Payment:
Does not include comissions labeled as gifts for others, and some Scarlet and Violet spoilers.


Thank you for adopting, hope you enjoy!
Hello there, I'm Alexander. I'm taking over for Aqua for a bit. Here you can find some unfinished pieces that are free to take! Just let us know which one you want. - There are also some nice holiday/themed pieces that are free to use and baits for your hunts!

Free adopts/unfinished designs (1)*new unfinished designs!*

Please credit me for pieces! DO NOT RESELL/CLAIM DESIGNS AS YOUR OWN! *you CAN resell/trade these if supplied with new art as well! Gifting is fine either way. - 1. Skull cow girl

Holiday and Pride art (FTU)

please credit me for pieces! not for trade/sale/gifting. -

Pride 2021 (14)

Pride 2023! (16)

They are icon sized this year! I am taking requests for Free anyone to use. whether it's flags I missed or other variations of the ones I've done. custom ones are avalible as commissions for your ocs! (or anything else that's just for you) Acesexual Pawmot https://i.imgur.com/8F4wVOS.png - nonbinary Oinkologne https://i.imgur.com/82EUtx6.png - pansexual yamper https://i.imgur.com/LLWEfdF.png - aroace meowth https://i.imgur.com/dbTdWvO.png - intersex umbreon https://i.imgur.com/M9MmPar.png - transmasc Sprigitio https://i.imgur.com/I1qSRTg.png - transfem Bulbasaur https://i.imgur.com/eEHZxGN.png - Transexual Chespin https://i.imgur.com/9B5UJmh.png - Ally Feucoco https://i.imgur.com/yM85HQR.png - Aromantic Shinx https://i.imgur.com/icX7XuP.png - Agender Goodra https://i.imgur.com/ybqREYN.png - Lesbian Hisuian Zorua https://i.imgur.com/DuN8NO8.png - Bisexual Wooper https://i.imgur.com/E4qdcdW.png - Demisexual Psyduck https://i.imgur.com/L5wpixK.png - Gay Buizel https://i.imgur.com/o5ILArS.png - Genderfluid Mew https://i.imgur.com/pJr1c4e.png

Winter icons 2022 (1)

Decorating the tree big and small Big size Icon size

FTU Baits! (27)

Baits are 300 x 300 px these can be requested as a commission or as a Free to use! (please specify so I can tell you if payment is needed or not) -


Commissioned baits are just for you and anyone you decide to share it with, size can vary and you can choose how the bait is made, you'll also get wips and can get any changes you might want egg baits can be changed however you'd like to fit what you'd like. you will get access to wips of both to make sure design fits what you'd like. - Free to use baits you wont get wips for. Just the finished bait, they will be placed here for anyone to use.
Just press and hold the image (or right click) and copy link! currently: 17 eggs, 10 regular

Kanto (5)

Rattata egg bait Vulpix bait Cleffa egg bait Dratini egg bait Eevee egg bait


Hoenn (4)

Treecko egg bait Torchic egg bait Absol egg bait ralts egg bait

Sinnoh (4)

Turtwig egg bait Piplup bait buneary bait croagunk egg Baur

Unova (4)

Oshawott egg bait Drilbur Egg Bait Hisuian Zorua bait Audino bait


Alola (2)

Minior (Indigo) bait Salandit egg bait

Galar (2)

Cufant Bait Milcrey egg bait

Paldea (3)

Tarountula egg bait Fidough bait Finizen egg bait

Pokefarm Exclusives (1)

Puppod bait

Pokefarm Varients (2)

Artic Numel egg bait Inferno Torchic bait
Current shop and Leon says art: mine Current shop and Alfred says art: mine -
current shop and Aqua says art: mine -
current shop and Luna says art: mine original design was adopted from Spewprava current shop Chase art: mine original design was adopted from Spewprava - Leon sprite is an edited Scarlet and Violet sprite - Shop code link at bottom of post -

Crediting MY art

preferred for offsite: https://toyhou.se/Leo_lion2 - prefered for onsite: link to shop or use my username ^^ - alternate: Deviantart: Wolfgirltk Instagram: Leo.the.albino.lion12

First commission vs Last (as of March 2024)

First made adopt vs Last (as of March 2024)

First Gotcha adopt vs Last (as of March 2024)

First Anthro vs Last (as of March 2024)

Hey I'm Chase! Check out some of these awesome art shops, who knows maybe you'll find your new perfect oc! like me! ^^ *Chase's original art adopted from Spewprava - For some awesome sprites! ☆Starry Umbreon Sprites (v2)☆ - For all other art needs - - Loserville Chibis - Rylee's House of Pokemon - Boba Tea art shop - Loserville Adopts- Fusions and Varients
Um... Hello... I'm Ace... you can find some songs here I very much enjoy while art gets made. Everything here is fine for general audiences... So um... enjoy? Playlists - Songs and playlists i like that are fine for general audinces, will be added to every so often so enjoy! - Backrooms: weirdcore playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jUsUUQHgNR0&t=39s - Spotify sfw playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6bLBXYYodomSQfTr3Tonfb?si=fq8xKp75TyC_510nwwzhzA
credit | free to use
Come check it out! I make all sorts of adoptables and can do all sorts of stuff for art! Banner made by angelatos profile picture made by Rylee ☆ I use She/her or they/them pronouns, but you can use any pronouns really I don't care as long as your being respectful ^^
BandBSketches's AvatarBandBSketches
BandBSketches's Avatar
Hi! May i ask for a commission? <3 I'd love to see Charmander drawn by you, how does 20k Credits sounds to you in return? :3
Leon Albertus's AvatarLeon Albertus
Leon Albertus's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by BandBSketches

Hi! May i ask for a commission? <3 I'd love to see Charmander drawn by you, how does 20k Credits sounds to you in return? :3
I am so sorry for the late reply, I would be more than happy to draw you a charmander! Would you like to see the preview when I finish it here? I could send it through pm as well! I'll start it tomorrow! *edit* Here is a preview!
DragonDance's Avatarhypermode-12.pngDragonDance
DragonDance's Avatar
Hello! Can I commission a shiny Koroku please? Maybe impish or sassy? Is 10zc a fair price?
summon_zer.png × 47 / 500
Leon Albertus's AvatarLeon Albertus
Leon Albertus's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Dragondance1021

Hello! Can I commission a shiny Koroku please? Maybe impish or sassy? Is 10zc a fair price?
of course! I'll pm you a preview once I get it done!
Hello Leon! Will 10 zc be enough for a commision of Blaze?
Please, ignore the fact that I'm still Junior even though I've been in this place for 2+ years- NEVERMIND-- I'M A SENIOR NOW YAAAAY!
Leon Albertus's AvatarLeon Albertus
Leon Albertus's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Applebeecupcake

Hello Leon! Will 10 zc be enough for a commision of Blaze?
Thats more than enough! i'll get started right away, would you like the preview to be posted here or through pm?
PM please, and thank you!
FatalXEchos's AvatarFatalXEchos
FatalXEchos's Avatar
Hello! Could you possibly draw this girl for me? Art by @Valerian How does 85 Gp sound?
Avatar by @zubat. ←Made by CottonEevee ←Made by AngelOSShadows Pico's school meets Friday night Funkin!
Leon Albertus's AvatarLeon Albertus
Leon Albertus's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by FatalXEchos

Hello! Could you possibly draw this girl for me? Art by @Valerian How does 85 Gp sound?
Thats perfect, and yes i would love to draw this pretty girl! Would you prefer a preview sent here? or through Pm?

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