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Sunrise Mystery Dungan

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"More pokemon from alola? I thought I was in galar."
“Strong Pokemon. Weak Pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers should try to win with all their favorites.”
The Slowking stood contently at the side of his long time friend and Guild Master with a smile on his face as he awaited for the new recruits to come join them. "Ah, indeed I am Centiscorch. It's always so wonderful to have such bright and eager young faces to join in the ranks of adventurers." He said quite happily as he looked around, placing his hands behind his back. Lilac and Lupin had put the berried they had gathered away in the kitchen area and went up towards the main area. Lilac was eager to see the new faces that would be joining and wondered if any would be teamed up with her or her brother to learn the ropes or anything. Lupin on the other paw was more concerned with how in the world would anyone be able to keep up with his sister if they were to be paired up with her. They had both noticed the Chikorita looking at the job board and decided to approach. "Good Morning!" Lilac started as she greeted the pokemon. "Are you new here?" she asked cheerily, her tails wagging as she looked around, wondering if any of the other new recruits had come around yet. Lupin had decided to separate himself from his sister for the moment and gave the guild master and assistant guild master a respectful nod, ready to start his duties whenever summoned.
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I have a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon style RP going if any of you are interested in joining!
Grasslovania's AvatarGrasslovania
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-deleted and yeeted-

Pages: 12

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