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A thread where we all hate Doug The Merchant V2

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Remake because the owner of the first thread is quitting soon and deleted the first thread :(. This thread shall never dieeeeee (as long as doug lives)


With his stupid smug little face
Mischevïous's AvatarMischevïous
Mischevïous's Avatar
Me: :tosses my Beast Ball into the market and forgetting about it for a week: Oof, what an expensive 5% fee! Doug: Here you go ma'am, 4% of your fee back! :grins: Me: WHAT DO YOU MEAN, 4%?!?!
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SassyLadybug's AvatarSassyLadybug
SassyLadybug's Avatar
Me: Maybe I should sell my Boxes on the market. (Doug in the ally) :MWHAHAHAHA More 5% fees it is! Me: I guess I'm searching forums.
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1 Week+ bump? I imagine the description of the market is secretly something like: PokefarmQ, teaching you about taxes through our helpful merchant Doug!
muffi's Avatarmuffi
muffi's Avatar
I swear he rised the mega price today :P thanks for making the thread, the title alone made me giggle! :D
Koinu's AvatarKoinu
Koinu's Avatar
Don't mind rising the mega price, why does it have to exist in the first place? That greedy, greedy man! I was about to FINALLY give my beautiful shiny Gardevoir her black mega dress and this guy has the NERVE to ask me MONEY in order to complete the ordeal. Ridiculous! Now I get why this thread exists. :P
I hate this man he wont allow me to get an ampharosite becaue im poor
Bun-bun's AvatarBun-bun
Bun-bun's Avatar
Why has the mega price doubled?! I wasso excited for my mega Terabbit, SCREW YOU DOUG
angeljumps's Avatarangeljumps
angeljumps's Avatar
wait for real, the mega price went up? darn you doug (shaking fist)
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KerryBerry's AvatarKerryBerry
KerryBerry's Avatar
Doug, mate, stop being greedy, I already gave you like, 1 mil credits just from mega evolving pokemon You can feed your family with 1 mil credits probably stop scam
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