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Ihavedisney's AvatarIhavedisney
Ihavedisney's Avatar
Niko "An old friend, nothing too special." He said, looking at Luna.
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Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
~Luna~ She stared at Niko for a moment before turning back towards the sun.
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Ihavedisney's AvatarIhavedisney
Ihavedisney's Avatar
Niko He looked back, a bit sad.
Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
~Luna~ She stood up, stretched, and padded over to Niko. "Okay, what?" she asked, noticing his expression. "You look sad."
Ihavedisney's AvatarIhavedisney
Ihavedisney's Avatar
(aa sorry for late reply, I had a giant party aaa) Niko "Just miss somebody.." He said, his voice shaking a bit. He was trying not to burst into tears. (mmm yes sweet tea)
Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
~Luna~ She sat down next to him. "Do you feel like talking about it?"
Ihavedisney's AvatarIhavedisney
Ihavedisney's Avatar
Niko "It might scare you a bit.." He said, staring at the part of the sky that was purple.
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Kottorachi's AvatarKottorachi
Kottorachi's Avatar
(sorry for the inactivity D: and TimelessDialga, that's ok! hope u come back eventually :) ~Luna~ "It's okay!" she said. "I'm ready!" She made an ice block and prepared to start carving. "I'll just carve when I get scaredish."
Ihavedisney's AvatarIhavedisney
Ihavedisney's Avatar
--Niko-- "Well, uhm, my friend.. well, only friend, died and he was the same color-gradient as the sunset.." He said. "He died from verbal, mental and physical abuse from his trainer.. so.."

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